Universal - Nov 1 2021

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Clues Answers
"A likely story" IBET
"Delicious!" SOGOOD
"Don't blame me!" IMINNOCENT
"Sesame Street" watcher TOT
"Tosca" solo ARIA
"What ___ you waiting for?" ARE
"Woe is me!" ALAS
"Yada, yada, yada": Abbr ETC
100-meter race, e.g DASH
All the rage HOT
Alternative to a convertible SEDAN
Andean land PERU
Anonymous John DOE
Apple computer MAC
Back in time AGO
Balloon filler AIR
Bar sometimes made of steel ROD
Big bird in legends ROC
Big name in computers ACER
Book introduction written by singer Mariah? CAREYSFOREWORD
Breather? LUNG
By means of USING
Chimney residue SOOT
Coercion DURESS
Column beside a decimal point ONES
Coming or going? GERUND
Comment to the audience ASIDE
Completely exhaust DOIN
Confession subject SIN
Connect LINK
Coupe, for example AUTO
Decelerating wildebeests? BRAKINGGNUS
Dig like a mole TUNNEL
Do as commanded OBEY
FedEx rival DHL
Fight roughly TUSSLE
French for "yes" OUI
Clues Answers
Ga. neighbor TENN
Hawaii County's seat HILO
Hoppy beer, briefly IPA
Inexperienced gamers NOOBS
It can be crunched or massaged DATA
It's a snap PHOTO
It's blue on a clear day SKY
Late actor Ed ASNER
Like a well-chosen name APT
Like many dorms COED
Mali or Somalia NATION
Monte ___ CARLO
MSNBC host Melber ARI
Name hidden in "teen idol" ENID
No matter what the cost ATANYPRICE
Not external INNER
Opposite of "yep" NAW
Ornamental fish in a pond KOI
Part of UCLA LOS
Part of UCLA? CEE
Plant life FLORA
Refuse to accept DENY
Rocks, at the bar ICE
Runner's speed PACE
Salsa singer Cruz CELIA
Scares off DETERS
Side ways? ALLEYS
Solemn ceremonies that may require Froot Loops? CEREALRITES
Strongest architectural shape TRIANGLE
Trendsetting EDGY
Triage sites, briefly ERS
Unlike a green tomato RIPE
Wheeled stretcher GURNEY
Where Mozart's mentor would've kept his jet, if flying had been around? HAYDNPLANESITE
You hate to see them EYESORES
Zellweger of "Jerry Maguire" RENEE
___ borealis (northern lights) AURORA