Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 1 2021

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Clues Answers
A court summons - the first of a number dividing those in The Abbey ACTS
Appreciated in retrospect old leader taking in university and academy VALUED
Back order doesn't include bread or port CORK
Characters in upcoming business obsessed with big cheese BOSS
Close scrutiny of nine topics in dispute INSPECTION
Cross Swords accommodating head lad or girl? FLORENCE
Did a job for those making bread, it was said, when it was required NEEDED
Early release of light opera about first love PAROLE
Employee removes dogs from rose garden EARNER
Funny films produced by Terence, the old Roman playwright COMEDIES
Gives a helping hand to first class detective AIDS
Kid's stuff in the borders of Easter Daisy EASY
Lush birch hanging over sign, for one LAVISH
Network mostly for soldiers bringing others to view the site WEBCAM
Clues Answers
Novel about a household name opens The Road - the German translation AUTOBAHN
Place to holiday before Day of Judgement - only to be used if all else fails LASTRESORT
Plan of action writing introduction to screenplay with those crafty types in the plot SCHEMERS
Quote from teacher's side of the story and bear this in mind when you're working this out TAKEINTOACCOUNT
Recalls Knock workers consuming starters of soft Anthotyros cheese PARMESAN
Russell conceals life's little ironies primarily from party in coalition ALLIANCE
Similar to those characters in 24 across and Ring PHONE
Some bankroll a commitment, in a roundabout way, to give someone a buzz CALL
Stylish director loses head with overbearing arrogance AUTEUR
Supporters meeting about a head of state in Russia CAUCASUS
That's bound to bear fruit for Bing? CHERRYTREE
The whys and wherefores of new movie about time MOTIVE
Tom let off for taking payment for primarily drugs and grass CATTLEFEED
Two types of drugs for high-flyer on the board CHAIRMAN