Wall Street Journal - Oct 30 2021 - Graveyard Shift

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Clues Answers
“Behold!” in old Rome ECCE
“Close that window!” BRR
“Control yourself!” GETAGR
“Good enough, I guess” ITLLDO
“The Black Cat” writer POE
“The larger crimes are ___ be the simpler”: Sherlock Holmes APTTO
“Yesterday!” ASAP
51, for one AREA
A Halloween mask might limit it PERHERALVISION
Accepted a lesser charge, say PLED
Admittee to a lounge, perhaps VIP
Allowing a peek AJAR
Ancient capital of Assyria NINEVEH
And others, in other words ETALII
Bag checkers TSA
Ballerina, at times LEAPER
Boxer Mosley SHANE
Bracketology org NCAA
Browser module PLUGIN
Bugs, say SPIESON
Burns’s “Halloween,” e.g POEM
Carnival attraction RIDE
Checks out EYES
Co. based in Armonk, N.Y IBM
Collapsed GAVE
Comics hero from Hell SPAWN
Comparable ONAPAR
Comprehensive abbr ETC
Contributes to the slush pile SUBMITSAMANUSCRT
Crash investigator TECH
Current carrier WIRE
Dance party RAVE
Disconcertingly frank BLUNT
Dynamic start? AERO
Earth, in combinations GEO
Effect that spreads RPLE
Erik the Red’s son LEIF
Estimated time of delivery DUEDATE
Expert on IRS forms CPA
Far from forward SHY
Fighting words ITSON
Film including the song “I Sing the Body Electric” FAME
Film that won Barbra Streisand a Golden Globe for directing YENTL
First-rate STELLAR
Follow tenaciously DOG
Fragrance eponym ESTEE
Franchise with 29 “Odditoriums” RLEYSBELIEVEITORNOT
GIFs and JPEGs, e.g IMAGES
Go for a run SKI
Grand ___ National Park TETON
Greek vowel ETA
H+ or Na+ CATION
Hawkins who was “the homeliest gal in all them hills” SADIE
Hero material SALAMI
Higher up? TALLER
Higher-ranking SENIOR
Home of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall TAIPEI
Howling wind GALE
Humanitarian wife of Oskar Schindler EMILIE
In the graveyard ATREST
Insult DIS
Item in a squirrel’s stash ACORN
Its mascot is Stella the Owl TEMPLE
Its motto is “Defending Our Nation. Securing the Future.” NSA
Jordanian site of an ancient “rose-red city” PETRA
Clues Answers
Just out NEW
Kampala’s country UGANDA
Maker of Ambassador autos NASH
Manning of the NFL ELI
Mathematician/astronomer Pierre Simon LAPLACE
Meadow measures ACRES
Ming the Merciless, for one EMPEROR
Montmartre mate AMI
Moves like hot fudge on a sundae DRSDOWN
Musician Brian ENO
Not much, in terms of color ATINGE
On the double APACE
One of the six official languages of the United Nations ARABIC
Opera villains, often BASSI
Orange liqueur in a Spritz cocktail APEROL
Org. monitored by AARP SSA
Origin of some invaders SPACE
Outfit RIG
Peach, pumpkin or pecan PIE
Peak of northern California SHASTA
Pendulum’s counterpart PIT
Pizzeria herb BASIL
Plaza ___ (Parisian luxury hotel) ATHENEE
Polish language EDIT
Proves fallible ERRS
Punch ingredient? FIST
Put back on the market RELIST
Quantity: Abbr AMT
Raise up HEFT
Ravens’ org AFC
Remove one’s costume STR
Saint from Avila TERESA
Seller of Golden Waffle Fries OREIDA
Serpent bit SCALE
Sex drive LIBIDO
Show to the parlor SEEIN
Sign of self-importance BIGHEAD
Signs of approval NODS
Singapore setting ASIA
Site for a chalet ALP
Six before Oct APR
Small singer WREN
Sounds the hour CHIMES
Spirit of a culture ETHOS
Strong drink request TRLE
Targets of vampire attacks NECKS
TD Garden team, informally CELTS
The Band’s first Top 40 hit UPONCRPLECREEK
The Trojans’ sch USC
They’re pulled in the fall RCORDS
They, as the French say ILS
Thunderbirds’ org USAF
Took the lead STARRED
Touch ABUT
Tropical wood TEAK
Vaccine dose, informally JAB
Venice beach site LIDO
Viper’s place NEST
Warnings CAVEATS
Watch face DIAL
Water brand from Norway VOSS
Weak laugh HEH
What a whitesmith works with TIN
When woolly mammoths roamed the Earth ICEAGE
Will who voices Batman in the Lego movies ARNETT
Wilson of “The Haunting” OWEN
Yellowfin tuna AHI
___ Moines DES