The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,818 - Oct 28 2021

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Clues Answers
Absorbed by Minister, Ministry ends TERMINI
Accommodation for one who's collared? VICARAGE
Always consort with English flier first ETERNALLY
Army without backing for decoration TASSEL
Back runner losing head after tip ENDORSE
Brief session Republican rejected REMIT
Certain care is lousy for jail INCARCERATE
Confirm change in dosage DIAGNOSE
Creepy scream catching boring thing CRAWLY
Drainage somehow needed for plant GARDENIA
Drive off in Open, go too far? OVERSHOOT
Hearing Independent State contains endless scrap INVESTIGATION
I'm entertained, tipsily getting hazy INDETERMINATE
Initially indignant, rather angry, then enraged IRATE
Clues Answers
Insect male, one's eating insect MANTIS
Judge follows concerned with discharge REDEEM
Maiden Queen's captured by period author EMERSON
New commercial includes excellent, fantastic girl NAIAD
Reminders being married, a little upset MEMOS
Riposting by elevated dishonesty REPLYING
Row with denials embracing single sweetheart NOISE
Slander when being about individual ASPERSION
Slow movement from author after article ANDANTE
Soldier in drama with guns shot GUARDSMAN
Sprinter's persevering holding place sporadically INTERSPERSE
State secret INTIMATE
Tent top's ends are pronounced TEPEE
Very poor leader of Senate cornered STRAPPED