Family Time - Oct 24 2021

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Clues Answers
''Bing,'' ''ping'' or ''pong'' for example TONE
''I see your foot under the curtain!'' AHA
''If you have ___ snakes on you, I'd like to know'' ANY
A dwarf with specs DOC
A type of sauce SOY
Absolutely despises HATES
Acting all shy and whatnot COY
Air pollution SMOG
All the food you can get in this restaurant is right her MENU
Assistance in a time of need HELP
Be an actual pilot FLY
Beast like Shrek OGRE
Cartoon figure of you AVATAR
Carved out with an axe HEWN
Cheapest way to get off? (2 words) SCOTFREE
Church official that's clapping and stomping DEACON
Crayola color for a beach day? TAN
Deliver, as a warning ISSUE
Do a 360 SPIN
Eighth grade student to an eighth grade student PEER
Extremely popular nightspot BED
Fi go-with, in the front SCI
Figure in practically every movie HERO
Get a cat off the 34th branch RESCUE
Get ready to taste sushi BITE
Has radishes dipped in caramel EATS
Hautboy, more familiarly OBOE
Having an edge up against ABUT
Humdinger relative LULU
It helps the neighbors hear me jam AMP
It's none of whose business? YOUR
Just a tiny, tiny bit IOTA
Kind of large predatory seabird SKUA
Like a shelf that desperately needs restocking BARE
Clues Answers
Like agreements you can't break IRONCLAD
Like anything giving off all sorts of great smells AROMATIC
Little, mini comedy play SKIT
Make a choice OPT
Make a lady a wife WED
Massive HUGE
Mini-hotel INN
Mythical Mount Olympus inhabitants GODS
Newlywed's answer to ''Do you want ice cream?'' IDO
Nightmare for an aquarium fish NET
Part of a stereotypical bray HAW
Rewriter of a writer's writings EDITOR
Ruler's creation LINE
Say, ''I do that better than anyone'' BRAG
Script writer's storyline SCENARIO
Sediment on a riverbank SILT
Shatterer of boulders TNT
Sound of an egg hitting the floor SPLAT
South American country of 32.7 million PERU
Stick for hopping POGO
Stock with milk? COW
Stuff slapped in a frying pan LARD
The day before The Day EVE
Thing on an atlas surrounded by blue ISLE
Things around ballerinas TUTUS
Type of muffin BRAN
Type of rug that's hard to sweep SHAG
U-turn from ''No, no way'' YEA
Water or cap firer GUN
What my castle's drawbridge covers MOAT
What you are watching three fastballs down the middle OUT
Wrong thing to do before God SIN
___ de plume NOM
___ farewell (said goodbye, fancy) BADE