Universal - Oct 24 2021

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Clues Answers
"Carmen," for instance OPERA
"Chopped" host Allen TED
"Good heavens!" OHMY
"Skip to My ___" LOU
"There ___ no words" ARE
*"Hee Haw" co-host BUCKOWENS
*"Sabrina the Teenage Witch" actress MELISSAJOANHART
*Anonymous female JANEDOE
*President of the National Congress of American Indians FAWNSHARP
Animal in a pen PIG
Apt abbr. hidden in "price control" ECON
Blue-green TEAL
Cherished person, and a phonetic hint to each starred clue's answer DEARONE
Coffee-chocolate mix MOCHA
Color of beet juice RED
Compete in a 5K, say RUN
Cone-bearing tree FIR
Containers for pickled beets JARS
Cried like a raven CAWED
Disapproving shouts BOOS
Easy-to-peel citrus hybrid TANGELO
Email filter target SPAM
Europe's oldest capital city ATHENS
Fender imperfections DENTS
Filled in at an office TEMPED
Former justice Sandra Day ___ OCONNOR
Gas in bar signs NEON
Given a new look REDONE
Hidden mike WIRE
High or low card ACE
Honeydew, e.g MELON
Hybrid golf garment SKORT
Initial stage ONSET
Instant when things click AHAMOMENT
Island with a ferry to Lanai MAUI
It may be made into a crop top TEE
It's entered online to redeem a discount PROMOCODE
Italian resort lake COMO
Jellyfish poison VENOM
Clues Answers
Kept up the lawn MOWED
Lady who sings GAGA
Leak slowly SEEP
Like a weird coincidence EERIE
Like cold lattes ICED
Like Mauritania's climate ARID
Like stress balls ROUND
Liquor in a Negroni GIN
Loops in on an email CCS
Magical power MOJO
Make changes to ALTER
Manatee's habitat SEA
Meghan Markle, to Lilibet MOM
Nintendo's mascot MARIO
Offer bait to TEMPT
Org. on a mouthwash bottle ADA
Pros' counterparts CONS
Rubberneck GAWK
Sleeps under the stars CAMPS
Stuck (to) ADHERED
Subside EBB
Sunday paper inserts ADS
Supine's opposite PRONE
Sword with a bell guard EPEE
Take lessons LEARN
Temple text TORAH
Tiny battery AAA
Tiresome task CHORE
Traffic jam component AUTO
Traffic jam noise HONK
Tree susceptible to beetles ELM
Us and them? BEINGS
Volcanic flow LAVA
Wallpaper, rugs, etc DECOR
Where Romeo last kisses Juliet TOMB
Word before a dropped surname NEE
Yellow-orange stone fruit APRICOT
Yin's counterpart YANG
___ mater ALMA