Wall Street Journal - Oct 20 2021 - Now You See It, Now You Don’t

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Clues Answers
“%$&*@!,” say OATH
“Barefoot Contessa” chef Garten INA
“Breaking Bad” network AMC
“But Dad, I WAAANT it!” for example PLEA
“Damn, that was spectacular!” NAILEDIT
“It’s go time!” ENOUGHTALK
“Let’s not and say we did” NAH
“Sherlock” producer BBC
“Shrieking” carnivores in “The Princess Bride” EELS
Animal on Vlasic pickle jars STORK
Attraction of Olympia, Greece RUINS
Bank that we hope won’t fail LEVEE
Cal. sections MOS
Celeb on a green day STPAT
Celebrity chef Guy FIERI
Chew the scenery EMOTE
Crash examiner ITPRO
Crime author Rankin IAN
Debtor’s letters IOU
Dudley’s “Arthur” co-star LIZA
Egyptian symbols of life ANKHS
Enthusiasm VIM
Famed flop of the ’50s EDSEL
Festival of lights holiday DIWALI
Final, e.g TEST
Genre for Ratt and Poison SLEAZEROCK
Girl Scout cookie named for an island group SAMOA
Gradually acquire, as skills DEVELOP
Green gimme TAPIN
Into pieces APART
Jackie succeeded her MAMIE
Jargon suffix ESE
Less welcoming ICIER
Listing of goofs ERRATA
Lowest of the lows NADIR
Lustrous gem PEARL
Make automatic, as a behavior pattern HARDWIRE
Clues Answers
Make the rounds? TENDBAR
Melancholy sound SIGH
Menzel of “Frozen” IDINA
National park in Utah ZION
One who organizes an exec’s schedule ADMIN
Oscar nominee in the role of Thelma Dickinson GEENADAVIS
Parliament vote AYE
Pen point NIB
Person who really digs work? MINER
Peyton’s brother ELI
Physicist Niels BOHR
Preside at the altar OFFICIATE
President who also served as chief justice TAFT
Princess’s headwear TIARA
Say “%$&*@!,” say CUSS
Seattle Kraken’s org NHL
Shipping map sections ZONES
Similar AKIN
Sound from cymbals? SOFTC
Spinal cartilage layer DISC
Spreads made from olives TAPENADES
Sticking point, of a sort CRAW
Studying crystals and energy, perhaps NEWAGEY
Substance that may attract sexual partners PHEROMONE
Supervillain hideouts LAIRS
Sushi tuna AHI
Take too much of, for short ODON
Tanner’s concern BIKINILINE
The deets INFO
There is ___ hidden in 16-, 22-, 46- and 57-Across...or is there? NOTHING
Time-compressing movie trick MONTAGE
Total boor ASS
Troubadours pluck them MANDOLINS
Two for a twenty TENS
Uncouth person APE
Unspecified ordinal NTH
Vast expanse OCEAN