Irish Times (Crosaire) - Oct 19 2021

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Clues Answers
According to the code, 'Little Boy' from a rebellious crowd is in a grave place ATOMBOMB
Adore showing off European capital - the home of the high flyers AERODROME
Aim for a feature on the cathedral at the highest point that's not finished ASPIRETO
Bad blood in Minorca brewing with ultimate authority ACRIMONY
Bellflower in California collected over the morning for pot for university CAMPANULA
Birds, hens or cuckoo? HERONS
Came by to get one's hands on Oriental starter dish OBTAINED
Characters caught up in better, e.g., revue of The Caretaker VERGER
Clip of very strong wind behind mountain on 25 across with big cats BENGALTIGERS
Connoisseur releases curses and the person handling it is reduced to tears ONION
Conservative American city in this Republican stronghold is bordering on sectarianism and showing favouritism to friends CRONYISM
Fair amount of The Stones taken in by individual with sound off OPINE
Feel animosity to writer over trial DETEST
It gets back to Gerard and Old Bob from those in stripes behind bars TIGERS
Clues Answers
Key to igloo built by playboy GIGOLO
Lack of interest in a cycleway close to Kilkenny APATHY
Most likely to get all steamed up moving inert gas ANGRIEST
Mouthpiece in distress joining Women's Institute after switch HARMONICA
Party leaders on Late, Late Show - they're often found in The House, the smaller version DOLLS
Public support for 500 in Wicklow vale around Coolafancy ADVOCACY
Ran Red Rum for the little guy from The Messenger ERRANDBOY
Risible beastly type from hot Asian capital is away HYENA
Ruffle someone's feathers by putting it on the record NEEDLE
Sounds like residencies for The Three Sisters and those looking after the welfare of Old Vic, among others NURSINGHOMES
State of old boat taken by a new overseas carrier for flighty types ARKANSAS
Turns up, agency starts spreading old mistakes - therein lies the pattern MOSAIC
Turns up, Ross Ward reviews Grant's adaptation of The Guilty Party TRANSGRESSOR
Veronica's not wrong to talk CONVERSATION