Family Time - Oct 18 2021

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Clues Answers
''I ate ___ much spinach and liver!'' TOO
''___ it or lose it'' USE
Abracadabra alternative PRESTO
All the players in the NFL MEN
Animal hair FUR
Bale contents HAY
Be achy and weak AIL
Be sullen with the mouth POUT
Beach toy PAIL
Beautiful, aromatic flower ROSE
Bed for fried shrimp RICE
Bleaching solution LYE
Boat paddle OAR
Brave fighters TROOPS
Candidate's assistant AIDE
Change of mortgage, in that sort of lingo REFI
Chicken ___ (childhood malady) POX
Collect those amber waves of grain REAP
Coniferous tree with flowers FIR
Dude who dresses like ''What? Yeah, man.'' FOP
Eve's place EDEN
Frying need PAN
Geological time of a billion years EON
Good thing for a mouse to avoid TRAP
Good thing to call an older gentleman SIR
Green shade SEA
Guest orator SPEAKER
Hard, backbreaking effort EXERTION
Historical period AGE
Hospital attention CARE
How many like their collar STIFF
Human hotdogs (2 words) SHOWOFFS
Clues Answers
Impose, as a tax ASSESS
In basketball, unguarded OPEN
It could eat under the table PET
Leafless organ on a climbing plant TENDRIL
Lots of airplane parts can be in it KIT
Magellan, for one STRAIT
Make far, far less sensitive DEADEN
Masterful, impressive musical work OPUS
Mother of a filly MARE
Nimble and quick to zigzag SPRY
Not more than (2 words) ATMOST
One was given on the mount SERMON
One way to redecorate your room PAINT
Only President who was on the Supreme Court TAFT
Outfielder's call MINE
Pistol pellets AMMO
Place of billions ASIA
Place to see a pinball collection ARCADE
Potent honey-and-wine drink MEAD
Put in an overhead bin STOW
Raw rock worth the picking ORE
Run off a hard copy PRINT
Self-esteem overload EGO
Some frozen summer treats ICES
Something to study for TEST
Stuff auctioned for big bucks (2 words) FINEART
Telescope piece LENS
Things downloaded every day APPS
Type of can with gas? AEROSOL
Where pigs get sloppy STY
Where to buy bubblegum and paper plates STORE
You can slide curtains on it ROD