Irish Times (Crosaire) - Oct 16 2021

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Clues Answers
A Bandon developer ignores levee DROP
A sorbet melting in big mouth? BOASTER
Aroma coming from Damask Rose by writing tables DESKS
Briefly copy someone else's work locally to a degree in an unconscious state COMA
Circus performer served up portion of vanilla essence SEAL
Clip of two reserves - one after another - making a mistake BOOBOO
Coach produced deranged rant in Rhodes talking to most of those in 30 across ROADTRANSPORT
Eggs from Rhodes - the odd ones ROE
Embraced by superb Ajax - uplifting and a shot in the arm JAB
Half the rich in A&E meeting bad end suffered ACHED
In a roundabout way, it's dog-eat-dog in First Class GOOD
Inspector dismisses nice wines PORTS
It's cold in the forest for the bucks in America CASH
It's not the same for Luke in construction UNLIKE
Keep in mind all the seconds for day tripper, obviously, in sixty minutes HARBOUR
Menacing old Frenchman associated with one with common sense OMINOUS
Model at door with two presents from the cul-de-sac ROADTONOWHERE
New board represses a sign of exaggerated daring BRAVADO
No term for mediocrity or stupidity? IDIOCY
Clues Answers
Old capital in Europe a half a mile from crafty enterprise in Asia ORIGAMI
Old foreign school welcoming review? My word - that's derived from another! ETYMON
Old side of beef to roast? Carve up informally - it's an inferior type! OFASORT
Old square in resort? Yes, on open road to Pearl's home! OYSTER
Out of energy for visit? Stay off additives! DEAD
Outstanding recollection of community development leader DUE
Pop album by legend is over-the-top and a pain in the rear LUMBAGO
Presumable, one expects to find you well - bringing you to the watering hole! DOWSER
Some dilemma year-round in the US plot YAM
Sort men out from the ogress MONSTER
Sounds like something someone would say to a machinist to do nothing else? Preciously! JUSTSO
Starting on all sides today in a venue? ROAD
State spies protecting party at midnight on the old boat SEADOGS
Talk incessantly by right to heartless group of workers RUNON
The odd smoky source of coffee produced in East Asia and consumed by vegetarians SOYBEAN
The trademark image of upsetting viral phenomenon about empty laboratory EMBLEM
The twelve of them in Galway raised in Trim? SNIP
This is what you're heading for if they take all the cars off the motorways? A bypass! ROADDIVERSION
You won't fail if you take this course at university at English School investing in project ROADTOSUCCESS