USA Today - Nov 28 2021

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Clues Answers
'Good enough!' THATLLDO
'omg so funny' LOL
'Right you are!' SUREIS
'The Blacklist' star JAMESSPADER
'Therefore . . .' ERGO
'This can't be happening a second time!' NOTAGAIN
'Ua Mau ke Ea o ka 'Aina i ka Pono,' for Hawaii MOTTO
'Well, ___ be darned!' ILL
Abbreviation on a schedule TBA
Addresses a convention, for example ORATES
Alisa Weilerstein's instrument CELLO
Amala de Xango vegetable OKRA
Author ___ Okja Keller NORA
Avoid one's duty SHIRK
California baseball team SANDIEGOPADRES
Christmas ___ EVE
College concentration MAJOR
Crop up ARISE
Desert drinking spots OASES
Direction opposite WNW ESE
Dover's state DELAWARE
Edited out DELETED
Extent SCOPE
Extra periods in basketball, for short OTS
Fireplace residue SOOT
Foundation options SHADES
Frog's habitat POND
Gentle attention, for short TLC
Get away from it all ESCAPE
Go back for more REUP
Grand in scale EPIC
Horse's running style GAIT
HoYeon Jung, for one MODEL
Hurry along RUSH
Initials in biology RNA
Lhasa ___ (Tibetan breed) APSO
Lo mai gai, turnip cakes, etc DIMSUM
Long-billed marsh bird SNIPE
Lost tautness SAGGED
Clues Answers
Margin EDGE
Massage places PARLORS
Miami ___ College DADE
Milkshake ingredients AVOCADOS
Neighbor of Turkmenistan IRAN
Oddsmaker's number POINTSPREAD
Official language of Guyana (Abbr.) ENG
One might contain carnitas TACO
Over with DONE
Pancake served with beurre Suzette CREPE
Part of a watering can SPOUT
Pester persistently NAG
Phrase spoken under a chuppah IDO
Potala ___ (Lhasa landmark) PALACE
Provide help to AID
Psychedelic drug LSD
Really cute ADORABLE
Reason for an air quality alert SMOG
Record label for Doja Cat RCA
Rhythmic beat PULSE
Rikishi's sport SUMO
Seashore recess INLET
Sewer rodent RAT
Sound of a waterfall ROAR
Stats for students GPAS
Stick shift selection GEAR
Stimpy's foil REN
Tenants' contracts LEASES
Thank-you message NOTE
Thin bar ROD
Touch a touchscreen TAP
Underground passage TUNNEL
Use performance-enhancing drugs DOPE
Whack at a fly SWAT
Word similar to 'fewer' LESS
___ Edwards, pen name for Claude McKay ELI
___ jokes DAD
___ up (absorb) SOP