The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,806 - Oct 14 2021

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Clues Answers
Binge shows playing repeats every evening, initially SPREE
Body of church unchanged welcoming Son CHASSIS
Checks after covering of safety procedures SYSTEMS
Crown in charge of subject TOPIC
Dress up bride with more fussing EMBROIDER
Element illuminated with current in buzz LITHIUM
Examine china dish missing lid's top PALPATE
Excluding tips, this compiler's misleading EVASIVE
Famous volume opening for group GENESIS
Game bird is all dressed BILLIARDS
Gets rid of outhouses SHEDS
Gloomy clutching one's small sack DISMISSAL
Grand girls producing spectacles GLASSES
Left in revolt change course DEFLECT
Looks after the Yorkshire borders TENDS
Man who reportedly needs other people? MASSEUR
Clues Answers
Men on dock and deck ORLOP
Quiet about Conservative, popular, facing a scrap SCINTILLA
Raise grand drink LAGER
Rapture seeing sunset finally passed pool? TRANSPORT
Resign on account of work FORGO
Smooth singer's first with rubbish Queen SANDPAPER
Strangely bluer and almost cloudlike NEBULAR
Sun with dire rubbish covered INSURED
Support for capital punishment? GALLOWS
Telegraph line? EDITORIAL
The French veto against Asian country LEBANON
Top water-sport expert? SURFACE
Trails fugitives, the fourth absconding RUNWAYS
Use vision, including nose oddly for feeling SENSE
Vessel, part sunken, holds up unsupported STRAPLESS
What supports new bloomers? TRELLIS