USA Today - Nov 18 2021

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Clues Answers
'Aw, rats!' DARN
'Do I ever!' YES
'Haste makes ___' WASTE
'Manhattan Beach' novelist Jennifer EGAN
'Sylvie's Love' actress Thompson TESSA
Actress Condor LANA
Animal in a gaggle GOOSE
Any day now SOON
Appears SEEMS
Apple desktop IMAC
Arrange by color, say SORT
Author ___ Jerome Dickey ERIC
Breaks off ENDS
Butting heads ATIT
Car type hidden in 'cheese danish' SEDAN
Chows down EATS
Closed SHUT
Competes VIES
Correct a typo, say EDIT
Cozy lair DEN
Dark beer option STOUT
Dark vinegar variety BALSAMIC
Diesel Emissions Reduction Act org EPA
Edible ice cream holders CONES
Endure LAST
Erupt SPEW
Exclamation that's a sauce if you remove the 'r' PRESTO
Fashion initials YSL
Female pig SOW
Fictional hedgehog with a 'spin dash' move SONIC
Fluffy stack by a shower TOWELS
Greeting on Oahu ALOHA
Had been WAS
Haircut sound SNIP
House made of snow IGLOO
Kill it SLAY
Lobster's pincher CLAW
Magic show exclamation TADA
Clues Answers
Mauna Kea output LAVA
Munch Museum city OSLO
Nasty look SNEER
Nine-digit IDs SSNS
One bicep curl, e.g REP
Org. whose HQ is named after Mary W. Jackson NASA
Outer margins EDGES
Participants in A/B product tests USERS
Paste in a Japanese soup MISO
Piece of swag that might carry more swag TOTE
Poker player's payment ANTE
Promise between besties PINKYSWEAR
Promise made at an altar WEDDINGVOW
Promise made by a doctor HIPPOCRATICOATH
Quick haircut TRIM
Religious offshoot SECT
Rhyme and antonym of 'cheap' STEEP
Sasha Fierce, for Beyonce ALTEREGO
Secretly includes on an email BCCS
Shade-giving trees ELMS
Sing 'doo-bah doo-bop,' perhaps SCAT
Sleeveless garments, for short CAMIS
Soothing ingredient ALOE
Sound of textbooks hitting a desk THUD
State that's home to the American Gothic House IOWA
Studio Ghibli genre ANIME
Take down on the rugby field TACKLE
Texting letters SMS
They determine your blood type GENES
Thinks up IMAGINES
Times before kickoffs PREGAMES
Touch down LAND
Tug of ___ WAR
Ways of looking at things ANGLES
Word on a lightbulb package WATT
Yoga posture ASANA
___ and aahs OOHS
___ mortals MERE
___ verde (tomatillo-based dip) SALSA