Wall Street Journal - Oct 14 2021 - That’s Gotta Hurt!

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Clues Answers
Agonize STEW
Ashram utterances OMS
Atlas Mtns. location AFR
Beast with a beard GNU
Big bands OCTETS
Canning result? JOBOPENING
Cap partner GOWN
Child born on Easter, usually ARIES
Child’s delight NEWTOY
Chill HANG
Code carrier RNA
Creador del universo DIOS
Creator of Hercule and Miss Jane AGATHA
Designer Gucci ALDO
Different ELSE
Disturbing CREEPY
Doughnut leftovers? SKIDMARKS
Drove hard? SPED
Easy victim SAP
Familiar KNOWN
Finger-paint, say SMEAR
Flint product SPARK
Footnote abbr IBID
Fork setting ROAD
Friend of Pythias DAMON
Gap-filling wedges SHIMS
Gas: Prefix AERI
Get without trying FALLINTO
Greasy mineral TALC
Harry Potter feature SCAR
Humble ABASE
Idle race in an 1895 sci-fi story ELOI
Increase someone’s distress, as exemplified by the circled letters TWISTTHEKNIFE
Inflicts WREAKS
Interrogation demand TALK
Kind of mound or ground BURIAL
Latin lovers say this AMO
Level TIER
Like swamp hummocks MOSSY
Clues Answers
Lord of the rings? ALI
LP successors CDS
Marco from Miami RUBIO
Mongibello, to nonnatives ETNA
Nasty cut GASH
On top FIRST
One of 40 in an 1865 promise ACRE
One way to end a fight TKO
Optional item FRILL
Organ involved in music EAR
Over and out preceder ALL
Possible result of a delivery SON
Potent crystalline compound LSD
Prizes at a bar trivia contest, perhaps FREESHOTS
Quest of los conquistadores ORO
Reason for two golds DEADHEAT
Result of a toddler tumble OWIE
See 1-Down MAHAL
Seek a seat RUN
Shade TINT
Show up ATTEND
Singles and doubles, often LINERS
Site of Patriots touchdowns? LOGAN
Some blue ribbon winners PIES
Some people listen to it for advice GUT
Start of a famous palindrome AMAN
Stock kin SOUP
Taking care of business ONIT
The Library of Congress has over 3.6 million of them RECORDINGS
They come from the heart ARTERIES
They’re green TYROS
Union attorney’s specialty LABORLAW
Wholehearted EARNEST
With 30-Down, Shah Jahan’s final resting place TAJ
Words with tear or dare ONA