The Washington Post - Oct 13 2021

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Clues Answers
'00s Britcom about an underappreciated computer support squad ... or what the answers to starred clues comprise? THEITCROWD
'Bolero' composer RAVEL
'Let's see ... ' HMM
'Unfaithful' Oscar nominee DIANELANE
'Your turn' OKGO
'__ she blows!' THAR
*12-time 35-Down All Star and TV analyst ISIAHTHOMAS
*Australian swimmer with five Olympic golds IANTHORPE
*First daughter and senior adviser to #45 IVANKATRUMP
*Progressive Era muckraker IDATARBELL
Academic MOOT
Appliance connection, briefly ACPLUG
Arrive GETIN
Battle waged on Wikipedia EDITWAR
Blades that cut blades LAWNMOWER
Book with roads ATLAS
CNN anchor Burnett ERIN
Crave, e.g WANT
Crunchy bar stuff GRANOLA
Early garden spot EDEN
Easy gait LOPE
Evaluation with a capital E? EYETEST
Faux glow FAKETAN
Fig. of interest to a dietitian RDA
Fortress CITADEL
Future MD's exam MCAT
Gen-Z sweetheart BAE
Govt. moneymaker USMINT
H.S. course pioneered by Stanley Kaplan SATPREP
Hoops org NBA
Japanese dance-drama KABUKI
Kind of coach or jacket LIFE
Kitchen cutters RICERS
Lac contents EAU
Lead-in to made or love SELF
Leave early BAIL
Clues Answers
London gallery TATE
Loving smack KISS
Mass-times-velocity measures MOMENTA
Mires BOGS
Much of guacamole AVOCADO
Muscat's land OMAN
NBC skit show SNL
Not at one's desk AWAY
Of a certain reproductive gland OVARIAN
Outback hoppers ROOS
Outdoor grill residue ASH
Party bucket item ICE
Petro-Canada competitor ESSO
Plane engine type FANJET
PreCheck org TSA
Prompts URGES
Pub drink, briefly IPA
Roofing goo TAR
Sailor's quarters BERTH
Shady part of town BADAREA
Slangy 'Absolutely!' TOTES
Socially aware WOKE
Sporty muscle cars GTOS
Spots to clear up ACNE
Stephen of 'Citizen X' REA
Swimming great Torres DARA
The NCAA's Wildcats KSU
Thick slice SLAB
Tijuana home CASA
Tossed courses SALADS
Tundra deer CARIBOU
Very, very OHSO
Wall St. '500' SANDP
Whack, biblically SMITE
WWII flag-raising island IWOJIMA
X-rated material SMUT
Yipping adoptee PUP