Universal - Oct 13 2021

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Clues Answers
"Awesome," to the Ninja Turtles (Last 5 letters ...) COWABUNGA
"Rats!" DARN
(Hey, you) PSST
Apple tablet IPAD
Beginner, in gamer lingo NOOB
Behaves badly ACTSOUT
Belly button's region TORSO
Biblical paradise EDEN
Blender setting PUREE
Book lover READER
Cheer (for) ROOT
College application components ESSAYS
Constellation component STAR
Depend RELY
Doppelganger, seemingly TWIN
Drubbing ROUT
Egyptian boy king TUT
Electrician's gripping tool PLIERS
Fabled race loser HARE
Fiction's opposite FACT
Figure with the format 123-45-6789: Abbr SSN
Gamer's leg up (... first 2) CHEATCODE
Gene variant ALLELE
Greek letter that symbolizes an angle THETA
Habitually ASARULE
Heaviest Olympic sword EPEE
Home of NOLA and KCMO USA
Hotel room fixtures TVS
Hourglass filler SAND
Houston MLB team ASTROS
Ice hockey enthusiast RINKRAT
Inning's beginning PITCH
Killer whale ORCA
Letter before 8-Down ETA
Like a peon's position (... first 3) LOWLY
Like a positive attitude CANDO
Like a terrible mood UGLY
List of mistakes ERRATA
Manage to avoid ELUDE
Median, e.g., briefly STAT
Clues Answers
Mo. city near Ill STL
Monopoly pieces TOKENS
Muddy up ROIL
Narrowest of margins to win by HAIR
Off-kilter AWRY
One has nothing nice to say HATER
Pack (down) TAMP
Person who has an app USER
Plant firmly EMBED
Prepare, as leftovers REHEAT
Pro hoops league NBA
Protected SAFE
Rational SANE
River to the underworld STYX
Scotch and ___ SODA
Second attempt REDO
Seize illegally USURP
Select All's menu EDIT
Settles IOUs PAYS
Short words? (Note this answer's last 3 letters ...) VOCAB
Show off at the gym FLEX
Some records, for short LPS
Something to flutter, informally LASH
Strangely, they can be even ODDS
Take in or let out ALTER
Teacher's org NEA
Televised again (Last 3 letters ...) RERAN
Tell, as a story NARRATE
Tic-___-toe TAC
True geeky self (... this one's first 2) INNERNERD
Unreturnable serves ACES
Unruly crowd MOB
Velcro alternative (... first 4) LACES
Wander ROAM
Wellness center (Last 2 letters ...) HEALTHSPA
What a peacock's tail spot resembles EYE
Wine choice RED
Word before "all" or "hours" AFTER
Word before "tire" or "change" SPARE
Wrath IRE