The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28107

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Clues Answers
A centre back eats divine sage BUDDHA
American can lie low, about to protect Republican RESTROOM
Arab in later years reversed narcissism EGOMANIA
Box holds Great British key space bar
Capital in recycling event being green NAIVETE
Characters detained in Slovakian cells OVA
Dance in drag, delaying end of rumba HULA
Dark vehicle borne by horse MACABRE
Drink cold Guinness? ALEC
Even bits of Martha's elbow beaten black and blue at a low ebb
Flame once right to stop boiling egg on EXHORT
Gallivanting abroad, I must get time with my work jet-setting
How week begins, with caviar for the president MONROE
Jar with crow's foot in jelly VASELINE
Lives, I see, in cooler Iranian city ISFAHAN
Clues Answers
Move friskily in a top with more attractive outside cut a caper
Nobleman missing river's underground movement MAQUIS
On the drink, as a finger is drunk SEAFARING
One out of boredom penning English song Te Deum
One's skinny drink comes with wafer I arranged SUPERWAIF
Performer, one who may draw applause at the end ARTISTE
Place to study cause of limping in fantastic beast UNICORN
PM no longer bluff, brooding antihero HEATHCLIFF
Put money on scrap, a fabulous contest QUIDDITCH
Return of a feeble boat touring a Pacific country GUATEMALA
Shakespearean prince wearing underwear in castles FORTINBRAS
Trendy, not quite trendy, or affectedly trendy CHICHI
Turned to source of celebrity gossip for tragic tale OTHELLO
Waiting on sauce for empty waffle lip service
Where to find tea plant POT