Wall Street Journal - Oct 13 2021 - Not Quite Opposite

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Clues Answers
“Fernando” foursome ABBA
“High Voltage” band ACDC
“I Ching” consulters TAOISTS
“Kidnapped” author’s initials RLS
“Yup, there’s a hum” IHEARIT
About ASTO
Area east of the Gulf of Suez SINAI
As it happens LIVE
Attack with a plane STRAFE
Baritone role in “Jesus Christ Superstar” KINGHEROD
Bereted bongos player, stereotypically BEATNIK
Boiling blood IRE
Cardinal, e.g RED
Cher’s biggest hit BELIEVE
Copier company RICOH
Cuban coin PESO
Definitely not a talker CLAM
Dept. that oversees Ginnie Mae HUD
Dial in a bathroom SOAP
Duke, e.g.: Abbr SCH
Dull grind RUT
Ecstatic emotion RAPTURE
Family card game UNO
Feast of liberation SEDER
Gatekeeper of note STPETER
Good marks? SUCKERS
Holy communion in a synagogue? WRONGRITE
Huge ore-extracting machine? MAJORMINER
Hummus holder PITA
In a state of conflict AFOUL
Its highest point is Hawkeye Point IOWA
Jack of rhyme SPRAT
Japanese sea bream, on sushi menus TAI
Kind of band or army ONEMAN
La-di-da manner AIRS
Like pastels LIGHT
Clues Answers
Low end of the Mohs scale TALC
Medium power? ESP
Member of the family Hominidae APE
Money mgr CFO
Mule’s father ASS
Neighbor of Minn. and N.Y ONT
Online help option CHAT
Pastoral piece IDYL
Play group, of a sort ACTS
Pole, e.g EUROPEAN
Pound sound YAP
Precluded RULEDOUT
Press rooms? GYMS
Proprietor of a store in a garret? ATTICSELLER
Racing circuit LAP
Ratified OKED
Remini of TV LEAH
Satiny Elizabethan collar? SMOOTHRUFF
Set of sheets REAM
Shape of some sofas ELL
Sound of a high-priced canary? COSTLYCHEEP
Spanish eyes OJOS
Sparkling wine city ASTI
Stone and Stallone SLYS
Stout cousin ALE
Swift constructions? NESTS
Titan holder SILO
Towering engineer? EIFFEL
Transform ALTER
Triumphant bellow YES
Trounce DRUB
Try for a title COMPETE
Unit of radioactivity CURIE
When many have lunch NOONDAY
Whirl in water EDDY
Wonka portrayer DEPP