Universal - Oct 12 2021

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Clues Answers
"It's chilly!" BRR
"Lah-di-___!" DAH
"Projections" from the sun RAYS
"Star Wars" princess LEIA
"United Shades of America" channel CNN
African animals that whoop HYENAS
Baby's response to a pat on the back BURP
Be an accomplice ABET
Benz- follower ENE
Big ones may hinder teamwork EGOS
Box with a training partner, maybe SPAR
Brazilian metropolis, informally RIO
Chill with friends HANG
Christmas, in Paris NOEL
Cologne container VIAL
Conked on the head BOPPED
Courtroom mallet GAVEL
Craps calculation ODDS
Crime syndicate head CAPO
Crop up ARISE
Donkey noise BRAY
Eggs of a fish ROE
Fill with joy ELATE
Film holder REEL
Football venue FIELD
Get a whiff of SMELL
Greenish-blue CYAN
Harmonize SYNC
Involving young patients PEDIATRIC
Lake bordering Pennsylvania ERIE
Lifesaver in a hosp ERDOC
Long leg bone FEMUR
Megan Thee Stallion or Cardi B RAPSTAR
Naked mole-___ RAT
Neighbor of an Armenian IRANI
Neither hide ___ hair NOR
Oddly comical DROLL
One way to be in love MADLY
Opera with an Ethiopian princess AIDA
Clues Answers
Paid (up) PONIED
Parks who stood for civil rights while seated ROSA
Patient in Operation CAVITYSAM
Pedal to work, perhaps BIKE
Perplexed ATSEA
Playing pieces in Candy Land GINGERBREADKIDS
Reaction to a silly emoji LOL
Realtor's favorite word? SOLD
Reason to say "Oopsie!" ERROR
Reverberation ECHO
See 24-Across PENNYBAGS
Senator's staffer AIDE
Shoe that may be bunny-shaped SLIPPER
Shoplift, say STEAL
Skiing surfaces SLOPES
Source of 20s ATM
Spice mix for meat DRYRUB
Sports org. for students NCAA
Sweet's partner, in a sauce name SOUR
Sword with a blunted tip EPEE
Texas Hold 'em stake ANTE
They're all the same COPIES
Too trusting NAIVE
Tooth protector ENAMEL
Treats, as a sprain ICES
Tres - dos UNO
Unconventional work of fiction ANTINOVEL
Victim in Clue JOHNBODDY
Wanted poster acronym AKA
Welsh form of "John" EVAN
What turns on a radio? KNOB
Widely recognized ICONIC
With 52-Across, mascot in Monopoly RICHUNCLE
Word after "fast" or "express" LANE
You rarely eat just one PEA
___ bran OAT
___ de corps (morale) ESPRIT
___-cone SNO