Wall Street Journal - Oct 12 2021 - Connecting Flight

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Clues Answers
“The Social Contract” philosopher ROUSSEAU
1974 song by rock’s Big Star OMYSOUL
Actually existing INESSE
Advance LEND
After-lunch sandwich OREO
Antipasto offering OLIVE
Big suit? BOSS
Blvd. kin AVE
Christmas tree choice REDFIR
Clotted milk CURD
Coloring option CRAYON
Computer geek’s field INFOTECH
Connector of stories STAIRWAY
Crime kingpin CAPO
Designated space AREA
Fixes, as a price SETS
Flier with an upturned tail WREN
Forearm bone ULNA
French bread? EURO
Gloomy Gus MOPER
Hearing-related AURAL
Home plates? CHINA
In need of a massage SORE
In the manner of ALA
Inattentive (to) DEAF
Insurer that once had the naming rights to the Mariners’ ballpark SAFECO
Jacob’s twin ESAU
Keeps in check CURBS
Key on a map, e.g ISLAND
Lenovo competitor DELL
Like tears and sweat GLANDULAR
Major hummus brand SABRA
Makeup of some seams ORE
Marie with two Nobel Prizes CURIE
Massage targets ACHES
Met score RUN
Mischievous sort RASCAL
Mischievous sprite PIXIE
Clues Answers
Moments of discovery AHAS
Monk’s hood COWL
New Mexico art colony TAOS
Now or in the past EVER
Objective of a promotion SALES
One in a cleanup position MAID
One of the Clue weapons WRENCH
Part of a Met score ARIA
Performed a cantata, say SANG
Photoshop filter choice BLUR
Pointer’s word THAT
Public transportation MOTORBUS
Pupil’s paper ESSAY
Pupils’ surroundings IRISES
Put a strain on TAXED
Reprimand for Rover BAD
School south of Sunset Blvd UCLA
Scorch the surface of SEAR
Scout’s job, for short RECON
Seat at the table PLACE
See 53-Across CLASS
Serious promises OATHS
Shrek and Fiona, e.g OGRES
Specialized language ARGOT
Stir up ROUSE
Suffix with schnozz OLA
System of belief CREED
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Take the title WIN
Takes in ABSORBS
Talk show participants CALLERS
Tied up EVEN
Tiny mammal SHREW
Tool in a Zen garden RAKE
Victorian, say ERA
Where the Pequod is docked, at the start of “Moby-Dick” NANTUCKET
With 56-Across, indifferent student’s practice, and a hint to the puzzle theme CUTTING
Young chap LAD