L.A. Times Daily - Jul 15 2010

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Clues Answers
"Fernando" singers ABBA
"SNL" alum Cheri OTERI
"Sour grapes" critter FOX
"The Teflon Don" GOTTI
1950s political monogram AES
Antwerp natives BELGIANS
Audi logo quartet RINGS
Balkan native SERB
Bar code's place LABEL
Bard's nightfall EEN
Bug and more RILE
Chairman's list AGENDA
Chows down EATS
City founded by King Harald III OSLO
Classic Jags XKES
Cracker Jack bonus TOY
Developer's offerings SITES
Divided sea ARAL
Do an usher's job SEEIN
Early Jesse Jackson do AFRO
Emperor Atahualpa's land PERU
First course, sometimes SOUP
Flattery BLARNEY
Gadget on a pad MOUSE
Hägar's dog SNERT
Hood's heater GAT
Is equivalent (to) AMOUNTS
It's hard to run on it EMPTY
J.E.B. Stuart's boss RELEE
Knocks for a loop FAZES
Leave in the dust OUTRUN
Like a milquetoast's spouse, often BOSSY
Like sap OOZY
Lose vitality FADE
Make it big ARRIVE
Maker of Java Freeze ICEE
Mayflower employee MOVER
Monk's title FRA
Clues Answers
Mourned poetically ELEGIZED
Nation of Esau EDOM
New Ager with the album "Dare to Dream" YANNI
Nice school? ECOLE
No bull TRUE
Obviously impressed AGAPE
One to hang with BUDDY
Ornament ADORN
Painting the town red ONATEAR
Parcel out ALLOCATE
Payload's place NOSECONE
Peace personified IRENE
Proceeding normally AOK
Proofer's mark STET
Put into play UTILIZE
Response to "Speak!" ARF
Routes to work for a bell ringer? TOLLROADS
Routes to work for a diet guru? FASTLANES
Routes to work for a water company engineer? MAINSTREETS
Routes to work for a window treatment installer? BLINDALLEYS
Rubs out OFFS
Scottish hillside BRAE
Shipwright's tool ADZE
Spiral-shelled creature SNAIL
State firmly AVER
The auld sod ERIN
The whole kit and caboodle ATOZ
Title for Kiri Te Kanawa DAME
Toadies' words YESES
Tyler of "Jersey Girl" LIV
Unlucky fisherman's catch, in comics TIRE
Up in the air IFFY
View from la costa AGUA
Who's on it FIRST
Widow of Rajiv Gandhi SONIA
Wish for DESIRE
Zoo barrier MOAT