Family Time - Oct 11 2021

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Clues Answers
''That's it for now'' time END
''To my ___ shock, I found my glasses in the freezer!'' UTTER
A fruit with many wrinkles UGLI
Acquired GOT
All your camping stuff GEAR
Ball, to a very, very old king ORB
Buy outright OWN
Caesar's bad time IDES
College exam type you had better study for ORAL
Country dance wound up on a 44-Down? REEL
Cover a box in plastic wrap ENCASE
Dock of the bay PIER
Easy card to identify ACE
Escape when no one's looking FLEE
For many, it's due April 1 RENT
Had cow's tongue dipped in honey ATE
Hand sanitizer's target GERM
Hunter that gives a hoot OWL
I am, we ___ ARE
Image on a tablet ICON
Impressive room past the front door FOYER
In massively-widespread use RIFE
Inside diameter of a pistol BORE
It can be ordered in a soda parlor (3 words) ROOTBEERFLOAT
It can help you make a stand LEG
It can serve Earl Grey (2 words) TEASET
Jumping at the slightest little sound EDGY
Just about 4,050 square meters ACRE
Like 278, but not 279 EVEN
Like a flag with three hues TRICOLOR
Like joy you can barely contain GLEE
Like money you had once SPENT
Like putting two and two together EASY
Clues Answers
Low point, really NADIR
Much more than imaginary REAL
Nice after-dinner treat PIE
Not a st., not a blvd, the other one AVE
Old Italian money LIRA
Paper tear fixer TAPE
Pepper go-with SALT
Place for sharks and dolphins SEA
Place to see blown out tires ROADSIDE
Potent British drink ALE
Prefix with septic ANTI
Pronounce in a way that's hard to understand SLUR
Provide a helping hand AID
Quiz times two TEST
Refuse to say ''I'll pass'' TRY
Say, ''May I treat you to a coffee my dear?'' WOO
Say, ''No, I don't remember meeting you'' SNUB
Seagull relative TERN
Seriously-botched job SNAFU
Something you do within 24 hours SLEEP
Squeal like crazy TELL
Stir up, such as muddy water ROIL
They are good for washing your car RAGS
Thing eaten on resurrection Sunday EGG
Time that comes around once a day NOON
Type of field with crows CORN
Type of Greek cheese FETA
Type of roast RUMP
Use a board to get soaking wet DIVE
Vicinity AREA
Vital listening device EAR
Wicked EVIL
Words with father or sister INLAW