The Washington Post - Oct 11 2021

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Clues Answers
'Born to Be Wild' rock band STEPPENWOLF
'Caught ya!' AHA
'Opposable' digit THUMB
'__, Brute?' ETTU
Activate the TV, say TURNITON
Actress Longoria EVA
Aired again RERAN
Anchor's delivery NEWS
Ancient harplike instrument LYRE
Andean pack animal LLAMA
Arthur of 'The Golden Girls' BEA
Attends homecoming, say REUNES
Bed that's easily stored FUTON
Bilingual subj ESL
Bottle cap remover OPENER
Cassettes and eight-tracks TAPES
Clear kitchen wrap SARAN
Cold-weather neckwear WINTERSCARF
Cry loudly SOB
Dull paint finish MATTE
Egyptian boy-king TUT
Erotic god EROS
Every bit ALL
Fail a polygraph test LIE
FDR's successor HST
Feud ender TRUCE
Figure in red ink LOSS
Film spool REEL
Flag maker Ross BETSY
Flash of lightning THUNDERBOLT
Fork prong TINE
Former PAST
Gesture while giving directions POINT
Gives the thumbs-down NIXES
Gobble down food, and hint to the ends of 17-, 31- and 45-Across EATINAHURRY
Handle on a rap sheet ALIAS
Hard-shelled terrarium pets BOXTURTLES
Hasn't paid yet OWES
Icky to the max GROSSEST
Clues Answers
In Touch Weekly twosome, usually ITEM
Is crazy about ADORES
Kazan who directed 'On the Waterfront' ELIA
Laundromat array DRYERS
Less loony SANER
Like a poor loser SORE
Lively sonata movement RONDO
Make furious ANGER
Matzo __ soup BALL
Mentions, with 'to' REFERS
Mirror shape OVAL
Mo. after February MAR
Music or dance ART
New England NFL team PATS
New York Harbor's __ Island ELLIS
One of the political Bushes JEB
One-named Art Deco notable ERTE
Pants, in slang TROU
Part of the Trinity SON
Pop star Jackson JANET
River of Lyon RHONE
Role player ACTOR
Schools for ministers-to-be SEMINARIES
Short and sweet TERSE
Single-handedly SOLO
Sixth sense letters ESP
Stadium level TIER
Submit tax returns online EFILE
Sunday service MASS
Texas border city LAREDO
Uncarpeted BARE
V-formation fliers GEESE
Voice above tenor ALTO
When both hands are straight up ATNOON
Witchy woman of folklore HAG
Writer Wharton EDITH
__ Cruces, N. Mex LAS
__ out: depress BUM