Universal - Oct 9 2021

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Clues Answers
"Can I go now?" AREWEDONE
"First" or "financial" follower AID
"Girl Meets World" star Blanchard ROWAN
"Oh, su-u-ure!" YEAHIBET
"Pow!" BAM
"Say nothing about this!" NOTAWORD
"Spider-Man" director Sam RAIMI
"There is someone who could help ..." IKNOWAGUY
"To clarify ..." IMEAN
"___, set, go!" READY
13 and 24, for this puzzle's constructor and editor AGES
Amazement AWE
Apple CEO Cook TIM
Apt sound from a mother goat? MAA
Athlete who's aptly lightning-fast USAINBOLT
Buddy PAL
Certain sib BRO
Chop into cubes DICE
Choreographer Alvin AILEY
Come to a close END
Dot follower, often COM
Electric vehicles, e.g ECOCARS
Email provider since 1997 YAHOO
Extent SCOPE
Fall behind schedule RUNLATE
Figures of interest? RATES
Fork prong TINE
French ___ (mellow instruments) HORNS
Grace and Frankie or Thelma and Louise? PAIR
Grand instrument PIANO
Hagar the Horrible's dog SNERT
Haul to a garage, say TOW
Hidden intellectual side INNERNERD
Hollywood pseudonym STAGENAME
http://womeninstem.org, for instance URL
Clues Answers
Imaginary instrument AIRGUITAR
In a like-minded way EYETOEYE
Intense pain AGONY
Interweave ENLACE
Isn't worthy in comparison PALES
Jeans, e.g PANTS
Like some beer at a bar ONTAP
Loved dearly ADORED
Meal plan that's both ancient and modern PALEODIET
Microwave, informally ZAP
Neither's partner NOR
Nickname related to Teddy THEO
Obtain GET
Off-road ride: Abbr ATV
Ohio rubber hub AKRON
Part of a rack at a barbecue joint SPARERIB
Reason for an indoor recess RAIN
Scare suddenly STARTLE
Shades in skyscapes AZURES
Spoiled, as milk WENTSOUR
Spy org CIA
Stair part RISER
Starbucks order that may be iced LATTE
Supervise OVERSEE
Taxi CAB
Test version BETA
Third-largest city in Washington TACOMA
Told lies, or prepared to catch flies SPUNAWEB
Vietnamese noodle soup PHO
Where "Who are you wearing?" is asked REDCARPET
Where to find shells? PASTABAR
Wished, as a farewell BADE
Yours, in the Bible THINE
___ congestion NASAL
___ King Cole NAT
___ Speedwagon REO