- Oct 8 2021

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Clues Answers
''Dude!'' BRO
''Where the Wild Things Are'' author SENDAK
''__ Code'' (podcast on opera) ARIA
About 35 ounces KILO
Amusingly unexpected IRONIC
Anything viewed SCENE
Approach to a story ANGLE
Be miserly STINT
Beefalo's parent BISON
Biopic role for Benicio CHE
Boot loops STRAPS
Boss-to-be, often CFO
Charitable effort DRIVE
Combo deal PACKAGE
Country singer Steve EARLE
Disney fjord crosser ELSA
Draw for spending SALE
Echo's voice ALEXA
Elvis record label RCA
End of quote WENEVERUSE
Ending like -ian ESE
Epidemiological adjective VIRAL
Evolve into BECOME
Exercise advocacy org AMA
FDR commander DDE
Folds in ADDS
Fuzzy states of mind HAZES
Get rid of fast UNLOAD
GPS reading ENE
Half of a Wallace epic title HUR
Hit the heights ASCEND
How some degrees are earned ONLINE
Keep entertained AMUSE
Kid-lit equine EEYORE
Kid-lit party crasher ALICE
Less inept ABLER
Let off steam VENTED
Lima's ''I love'' AMO
Clues Answers
Liner elevator stop DECK
Long river of Spain EBRO
Longest river of France LOIRE
Makes unfair RIGS
Mishandled ABUSED
Name on the cover of ''Beloved'' TONI
Nike rival AVIA
Northwestern University's home EVANSTON
Paid pitches ADS
Part 2 of quote ATENSPEED
Part 4 of quote HAVEGEARS
Plaid pattern TARTAN
Poor Richard preposition ERE
Prince, for one SON
Professor, for instance ACADEMIC
Prohibitions BANS
Raw-bar selection OYSTER
Real thing ENTITY
Reason for reviewing EXAM
Saw the light, with ''up'' WISED
Set one's sights AIM
Side for a sandwich SLAW
Squealy sound EEK
Stand still, say REST
Start of a Charles Schulz quote LIFEISLIKE
State on L. Superior WIS
Talked much (about) NOISED
They're often sleepers SOFAS
They're opened in bars TABS
Transistor radio descendant IPOD
TV listings letters TBA
Unsurpassed BEST
Web prowlers BOTS
With a many-acre home ESTATED
Wouldn't shut up RANON
Zipcar sister brand AVIS