The Washington Post - Oct 8 2021

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Clues Answers
'Don't mind __' IFIDO
'Get Out' Oscar winner Jordan PEELE
'I've seen better' MEH
'Last Week Tonight' airer HBO
'Really, no damage' IMFINE
'Superman' surname LANE
'Yeah, sure' OHOK
Arrests NABS
Asian beef city KOBE
Barack's 2012 opponent MITT
Bargains BUYS
Big part of the gig economy ODDJOBS
Call of the wild? WEEPINGWILLOW
Call of the wild? HOWLINGWIND
Call of the wild? ROARINGFIRE
Call of the wild? BABBLINGBROOK
Casual parting TATAFORNOW
Catch up on, in a way BINGEWATCH
Celeb of the moment ITGIRL
Chow down EAT
Classic sandwich, for short BLT
Density symbol, in physics RHO
Disappearing Asian sea ARAL
Drop precipitously TANK
Dubious 'gift' GAB
Endow, as with talent BLESS
Gamer more likely to get pwned NOOB
Guinea pig's pad CAGE
Gymnastics event BEAM
Half a 2010s dance craze NAE
Heart, for one ORGAN
In the know about UPON
Influencer's concern BRAND
Informal title used seven times in 'Bohemian Rhapsody' MAMA
Inner __ EAR
Kennel club category TOY
Latest thing RAGE
Clues Answers
Like a double rainbow RARE
Medical suffix ITIS
New Orleans' __ Du Monde CAFE
Nike competitor ASICS
One standing in an alley PIN
Pair to wear JEANS
Passed (by) fast FLEW
Person who's usually good? EGG
Popcorn buy TUB
Popular chip FRITO
Postings at ORD ETAS
Pride letters LGBT
Property claim LIEN
Relative challenge for some INLAW
Resource in the board game Catan ORE
Sch. with 23 campuses CALSTATE
Schedule space SLOT
Schlepped TOTED
Shroud CLOAK
Some are considered essential OILS
Some summer newcomers LEOS
Sourdough unit LOAF
Staffer AIDE
Story __ ARC
Super Bowl party site DEN
Texter's 'Wow!' OMG
Toon storekeeper who was once in a barbershop quartet APU
Try to get the attention of HAIL
Turkey, e.g FOWL
Uppity sort SNOB
Vacancy sign TOLET
Van Gogh subject IRIS
Want a lot, with 'for' ACHE
What captions can capture AUDIO
What powderhounds do SKI
Wielder of the hammer Mjölnir THOR
Zippo part WICK
[I'm out] MICDROP
__ caucuses IOWA