Wall Street Journal - Oct 6 2021 - Compound Fractures

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Clues Answers
“Defense! Defense!” STOPEM
“Embraceable You” lyricist Gershwin IRA
“It’s all yours now,” e.g.? HANDOFFREMARK
“Now I see!” OHO
“You’ve Really ___ Hold on Me” (Smokey Robinson song) GOTA
Auto at auction, perhaps REPO
Baby ___ (character whose real name is Grogu) YODA
China’s Zhou ENLAI
Coffee bar come-on AROMA
Common digital video format MPEG
Completely exhaust DOIN
Cornrows, e.g BRAIDS
Cramer of “Mad Money” JIM
Cross SPAN
Crowning ATOP
Defender of an attached house? TOWNHOMEHERO
Double ___ Oreos STUF
Early expulsion site EDEN
Expression of annoyed incredulity SINCEWHEN
Final leg of the Triple Crown BELMONT
Finish, in fashion HEM
First British winner of the Best Musical Tony EVITA
Flight component STAIR
Flyers coach Vigneault ALAIN
Follow ENSUE
Free of additives PURE
Frequently memorized fig SSN
Give another go REDO
Grandpa to Bart, Lisa and Maggie ABE
Hairstyle that curls under PAGEBOY
How the future looks to an optimist ROSY
Huge amount SLEW
Inspiration for 1995’s “Clueless” EMMA
Jam ingredient? CAR
Jazz pianist Jamal AHMAD
Lang. written right to left HEB
Law school subject TORT
Leather jacket accessories STUDS
Clues Answers
Like some alliances UNHOLY
Melodramatically sad, as a movie WEEPY
Moisturizer brand OLAY
Namesake saint of the Western Hemisphere’s largest city PAULO
No fighter? BOND
Nonstick aluminum? CAKEPANMAKEUP
Northeast Corridor speedster ACELA
Oliver Wood’s position on Gryffindor’s Quidditch team KEEPER
On account of DUETO
One to respect ELDER
Painter of many brightly colored self-portraits KAHLO
Perfect, to a syntactician TENSE
Pick a pocket, say ROB
Port of Iraq BASRA
Pronoun option SHE
River mentioned in “The Ballad of John and Yoko” SEINE
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Gene PITNEY
Scintilla IOTA
See 36-Down SET
Sequence of deleted scenes in a DVD bonus feature? OUTTAKEORDER
Shade thrower? ELM
Summer suit fabric LINEN
Title role for Yifei Liu in a 2020 Disney film MULAN
Trident-shaped letters PSIS
Try so one might SEEKTO
Turn into a father ORDAIN
Wagner whose baseball card sells for millions HONUS
Wheeling’s river OHIO
Winner with Tim Gunn of a 2013 Emmy HEIDIKLUM
With 40-Across, globe-trotting sorts JET
Witty insight APERCU
Women’s basketball powerhouse UCONN
Word after long or strong ARM
Word of opposition NOT
Word of support YEA
Worry, like a guitarist? FRET
You might want to skip it ROPE
Zone (out) VEG