Wall Street Journal - Oct 5 2021 - Pair Bonds

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Clues Answers
“Adios!” SEEYA
“Bossypants” humorist TINAFEY
“Easy-peasy!” NOSWEAT
“This is so frustrating!” GAH
*“It’ll all be fine” DONTWORRY
*“There’s a solution!” THATWORKS
*Artist honored on Iowa’s state quarter GRANTWOOD
*Site of the American Airlines headquarters FORTWORTH
AAA service TOW
Aristocratic NOBLE
Assam or oolong TEA
Attach a patch, say SEW
Big name in ready-to-assemble furniture IKEA
Cable car TRAM
Cash drawer TILL
Chance for a dinger ATBAT
Clarinet part REED
Consumed ATE
Crush, as a golf ball WHACK
Dagger attack STAB
Demonstrate resilience, in a way ADAPT
Enter, as a password TYPEIN
Excessively dry ARID
Fluffy toy dogs, informally POMS
Gumbo veggie OKRA
Have a fever, say AIL
Holy Tibetan LAMA
Hurled THREW
Imitate an unhappy tot BAWL
Jazz great Fitzgerald ELLA
Jousting weapon LANCE
Lake west of Carson City TAHOE
Legit REAL
Like EEE shoes WIDE
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Lofty HIGH
Love handle locales WAISTS
Clues Answers
Manager of the threepeat Yankees of the 1990s TORRE
Moisturizing additive ALOE
Neither gain nor lose money, and what the starred answers do BREAKEVEN
Neither partner NOR
No longer beset by RIDOF
Obsequious underling TOADY
Overly TOO
Partner of 13-Down ODDS
Partner of 59-Down ENDS
Pitching stat ERA
Place you might wind up if you walk down the isle? OCEAN
Placed on the wall HUNG
Plummet DROP
Pottery fragment SHARD
Question of location WHERE
Require NEED
Samberg of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” ANDY
Scheme PLOT
Shakespearean villain IAGO
Shower of showers? WEATHERMAP
Small songbird LARK
Small whirlpool EDDY
Social media request ADDME
Story with a cliffhanger, perhaps, and a hint to the starred answers TWOPARTER
Stretch across SPAN
Sub entry HATCH
Sum of tres and cinco OCHO
Tennis star Rafael NADAL
Third note in the F minor scale AFLAT
Trendy berry ACAI
Type of immunity or mentality HERD
Unkempt MESSY
VCR insert TAPE
Veep after Quayle GORE
Waikiki welcome ALOHA
Werewolf’s call HOWL
Word from a polite Parisian MERCI
World’s most populous country CHINA
Yellowstone omnivore BEAR