Family Time - Oct 4 2021

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Clues Answers
"... ___ he drove out of sight" ERE
"Neither" go-with NOR
"Not never but hardly ___" EVER
"So what ___ is in that box?" ELSE
"Sweetheart" alternative DEAR
100% contaminant-free PURE
Absolutely require NEED
Acknowledge "Bravo!" BOW
Amount that you can barely see IOTA
Animated version of you in a video game AVATAR
Any young boy in a 12-Across LAD
App version almost ready for widespread distribution BETA
Best way to gain weight EAT
Cause for fatigue and a lack of vitality ANEMIA
Cereal go-with MILK
Color on the flags of the USA and Mexico RED
Direction you started with? ACROSS
Dog biter FLEA
Early, in Old English BETIMES
Follow commands perfectly OBEY
Game in which you could be "It" TAG
Garb for a dude playing bagpipes KILT
General's assistant AIDE
Good thing to have on your little boat OAR
Greeted for the first time MET
Handle that overgrown lawn MOW
Helper looking up to Santa ELF
How you may try to get a word in EDGEWISE
Hunting excursion in Africa SAFARI
Large tub VAT
Like teams at the start of overtime TIED
Like the taste of gooseberries SOUR
Clues Answers
Lively ballroom dance SALSA
Lose traction and fishtail SKID
Many are combed regularly BEARDS
Mercedes-Benz model, 2010-2015 SLS
Monkey's desire BANANA
Moving swarm HORDE
Needing a day in bed ILL
Newsworthy and significant NOTABLE
Nice layer for a cool day SWEATER
One direction in which to travel WEST
One working on a payback plan BORROWER
Part of a winter storm, at times ICE
Person making horseshoes with an anvil SMITH
Pillowy SOFT
Pilot's major test SOLO
Prepared to slide into third base RAN
Puts 7 and 12 together ADDS
Really decay ROT
Rich supply in a deep, dark mine LODE
Road covering TAR
Scottish family CLAN
Shared between you and me OUR
Shine maker POLISH
Thing many people say they thought of first IDEA
Thing you can raise on your face EYEBROW
Try to win over with flowers, say WOO
Way, way, way past mature OLD
Wild and crazy, as a fan AVID
Wipe out a dragon like the knights of yore SLAY
WWII marine vessel UBOAT
You'll find two goalies in it HOCKEY
___ Angeles LOS