Wall Street Journal - Oct 4 2021 - Spy Verses Spy

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Clues Answers
“Giant” novelist Ferber EDNA
“Just a ___!” SEC
Aides for profs TAS
All-encompassing ATOZ
Amtrak track RAIL
Bearer of the heavens, in Greek myth ATLAS
Believers, in brief ISTS
Bert Bobbsey’s twin NAN
Big nothing ZERO
Call at a deli NEXT
Caribbean nation struck by earthquakes in 2010 and 2021 HAITI
Casey Jones or Calamity Jane, e.g FOLKHERO
Cheeky singer Shirley? SASSYBASSEY
Cheer from the stands RAH
Cheerios grain OAT
Chic singer Billie? STYLISHEILISH
Chimney grime SOOT
Clingy, say NEEDY
Cruise stop ISLE
Cry from a crib MAMA
Custom-fitted TAILORED
Dances performed in circles HORAS
Dog doc VET
Dopey or Doc DWARF
Electrical connections WIRES
Excursion TRIP
Exercise unit REP
Fell back into bad habits RELAPSED
Finish END
First name of 63-Down JAMES
Fix text EDIT
Fresh NEW
Goes downhill, in a way SLEDS
Gold, in Guadalajara ORO
Groan inducer PUN
Heep of “David Copperfield” URIAH
Immoral act SIN
In a stack PILED
Intent look STARE
Clues Answers
It’s a wrap SARAN
Join the banquet DINE
Just do nothing LAZE
King, in Calais ROI
Less lenient singer Tina? STERNERTURNER
Location SPOT
Look intently PEER
Make blank ERASE
Malleable metal TIN
Mink’s coat FUR
Missouri tribe OSAGE
Moody music EMO
Not the former and not the latter NEITHERONE
Peru’s capital LIMA
Places for patellae KNEES
Protagonist of spy movies for which the four featured singers have performed title songs BOND
Raymond Carver specialty SHORTSTORY
Recipe amts TSPS
Rock’s Ringo STARR
Rudely rebuff SNUB
Rush order letters ASAP
Ship sinker of WWII UBOAT
Singers Acuff and Orbison ROYS
Sleepwear, in brief PJS
Smell ODOR
So far YET
Solemn promises VOWS
Some deli loaves RYES
Sounds of a good massage AHS
Striped cat TIGER
Summer zodiac animal CRAB
There are 1,760 in a mi YDS
Trade fair EXPO
Trig function SINE
Veep’s boss PREZ
Versifyin’ singer Carly? RHYMINSIMON
Where things crop up? FARM
___ Domini ANNO