The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,567 - Oct 4 2021

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Clues Answers
Aides trained to make plans IDEAS
Animal turned up with mother PUMA
Bird heard when crossing river WREN
Bird that can cough things up? HAWK
Check design of trainers RESTRAIN
Chef covering up hot item used for kitchen storage CUPHOOK
Country involved in formal investigation MALI
Country losing territory on North Island to old Britons ICENI
Eagle never crossing valley GLEN
End of scarf covered by moist part of cloth WEFT
Experiment involving long container TEACHEST
Film-maker in scruffy anorak limps on ROMAN
Fish go into chippy CARPENTER
Game played by poets nursing sick setter BILLIARDS
Hit boy below the belt BLOW
Clues Answers
In a rush to charge queen CAREER
Independent publications losing Azerbaijani leaders' pictures IMAGINES
One attempting to lose runs level TIER
One who oversees meeting with Chinese pilot CHAIRMAN
Party attended by composer leaving new widow DOWAGER
Schubert composition about a European capital BUCHAREST
See 12 across POLANSKI
Set of clubs given to girl CLASS
Social 20 across accepting large, grand residence CASTLE
Space given to lean recruit ENLIST
Spool for thread endlessly going up and down BOBBIN
Sticky stuff coating large end of rectangular dressing PLASTER
Strangely tasty cep seen as belonging to the same sort TYPECAST
Type of race put down again RELAY
Vagrant stealing first part of investigator's brief DOSSIER