Universal - Oct 3 2021

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Clues Answers
"But of course!" NATCH
"Bye!" SEEYA
"Follow me!" CMON
"For goodness' ___!" SAKE
"Hmm, I don't think so" UHNO
"Hold on a ___!" SEC
"OK," to a Brit RIGHTO
"Society's Child" singer Janis IAN
"TTTTTT" for "sixty," e.g REBUS
*Body of water in central Switzerland LAKELUCERNE
*District west of downtown Los Angeles CENTURYCITY
*Essen is on it RUHRRIVER
*Inlet near Sydney (Theme hint: Note the outer letters in both words of each starred clue's answer) BOTANYBAY
A lot of a lot, perhaps ACRE
About 1% of Earth's atmosphere ARGON
Any of six Russian rulers IVAN
Application before Messages ICHAT
Auditorium contents SEATS
Author Rice ANNE
Backyard builder's project TREEHOUSE
Barely get, with "out" EKE
Branch of Islam SHIA
Bronte governess Jane EYRE
Campground letters KOA
Candle cord WICK
Chopped liver and others PATES
Colorado resort ASPEN
Come up ARISE
Conclude, with "up" WRAP
Cutting comments, collectively SNARK
Diver's apparatus SCUBA
Engine housing CRANKCASE
Exclaimed with joy WHOOPED
Expense for a newspaper INK
First extra inning TENTH
Fish in "Finding Dory" NEMO
Fly high SOAR
Former Crow home TEPEE
Clues Answers
French for "a" UNE
From Dubai, say EMIRATI
Golden Rule word UNTO
Greek goddess of marriage HERA
Hackneyed TRITE
Hawk's claw TALON
Headphone cord frustration KNOT
Instrument that's plucked, for short UKE
Letter with two gradual twists ESS
Letter with two sharp twists ZEE
Like an alley NARROW
Lucy's friend on "I Love Lucy" ETHEL
Lustrous SATINY
Man of La Mancha SENOR
Memory failures LAPSES
Needy cat's sound MEOW
Not just "a" THE
On the rise GROWING
One may make a dog howl SIREN
Opposite of pro- ANTI
Posthumous notice, briefly OBIT
Psychological toughness GRIT
Reaper's tool SCYTHE
Sarcastic laugh syllable HAR
Singer born Eithne Padraigin Ni Bhraonain ENYA
Sky blue AZURE
Sleep aid brand AMBIEN
Timely blessing BOON
To ___ it may concern WHOM
Tom-tom or bongo DRUM
Try, as a case HEAR
Undergarment with straps, for short CAMI
Vietnamese holiday TET
What precedes "the night before Christmas" TWAS
What quick bread lacks YEAST
Word after "test" or "toothpaste" TUBE
Wrinkly fruit UGLI