The Washington Post Sunday - Oct 3 2021

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Clues Answers
'Always Be My Maybe' star Ali WONG
'And be the white whale agent, or be the white whale principal, I will wreak that hate upon him' speaker of fiction AHAB
'As far as I'm concerned,' briefly IMHO
'Bad Guy' singer Eilish BILLIE
'Brokeback Mountain' director ANGLEE
'Danny and the Dinosaur' author Hoff SYD
'It ___ the question ...' BEGS
'Jukebox' singer DiFranco ANI
'Nonsense!' to Scrooge BAH
'Not to ___ too fine a point on it ...' PUT
'Silver' ringers of song BELLS
'Sisters' actress Ward SELA
'Superhero Movie' actress Paxton SARA
'Très ___' ('Very good') BIEN
'You betrayed me too?!' in Latin ETTU
'___ of a gun!' SON
'___ that thought' HOLD
15-minute snooze, say CATNAP
2020 Olympics host country JAPAN
87 Down, in French NOTRE
Actress Theobold who played Ivy on 'Downton Abbey' CARA
Annoyed for fun TEASED
Apt rhyme of 'grab' NAB
Authorize ENABLE
Beat with ingenuity OUTWIT
Bit of duct fluid TEAR
Brain or heart, e.g ORGAN
Burnett who anchors 'OutFront' on CNN ERIN
Business or pleasure journey TRIP
City seen in the answer to 121 Across AGRA
Coastal breeze OCEANAIR
Company listings JOBS
Compare (to) LIKEN
Conducive to slipping ICY
Costumed mall workers SANTAS
D.C. Metro route with a U-shaped path REDLINE
Dawn crower ROOSTER
Debtor's documents IOUS
Decrepit, as a bar SEEDY
Disencumbers RIDS
Dispensed, as wine POURED
Electrolysis atom ION
Epcot thrills RIDES
Event with rounds and rounds of applause KARAOKENIGHT
Explored, with 'into' DELVED
Fan's feeling during a tie game in the bottom of the ninth STRESS
Fashion editor Chen EVA
Feature of Birkenstocks OPENTOE
Fine and dandy AOK
Flip, in the marketplace RESELL
Flour or baking soda or cocoa powder, e.g CAKEINGREDIENT
Focaccia, e.g BREAD
Galleria d'___ Moderna (museum in Milan) ARTE
Geological periods EPOCHS
Geological periods EONS
Get out of bed ARISE
Golden retriever, e.g CANINE
H, for a fraternity ETA
Highest points PEAKS
Hobbit companion of Thorin BILBO
Horse coat color pattern ROAN
Horse farm figure BREEDER
Hospital drama persona PATIENT
Imperial subjects in the Andes, once INCAS
Increasingly obsolescent public transit coin BUSTOKEN
Indigenous group that runs the Weenuche Smoke Signals media department UTE
Inflammation treatment ASPIRIN
Is available at the moment HASTIME
Journalist Klippenstein KEN
Kellty played by Jodie Foster in a 1994 film NELL
Kobayashi Issa poem HAIKU
Lake ___ Vista, Fla. (Disney World locale) BUENA
Clues Answers
Language in which 'hello' is 'përshëndetje' ALBANIAN
Legal system VIPs DAS
Letters between a real name and a nickname AKA
Like a human crab ORNERY
Like photographs taken in flight AERIAL
Make ragged TATTER
Mann with the album 'Lost in Space' AIMEE
Manning with 57,023 career passing yards ELI
Mike and ___ (rhyming candy) IKE
Mosul's nation IRAQ
Music festival box AMP
Nabisco treats made at plants whose workers went on strike in 2021 OREOS
Naming convention? ROLLCALL
Not moving INERT
Numbers of people? AGES
One enlisting in the Royal Marines BRIT
One, in Frankfurt EINS
Opera company solo ARIA
Oscar-winning title role for Streep KRAMER
Parts, or parts of a chess set ... or what's spelled out by the letters parting this puzzle's circled words PIECES
Person who wants you to show your hand PALMREADER
Pics on some body? TATS
Place in which to sign a guest book INN
Pledge taken in court OATH
Predecessor of the euro, in Florence LIRA
Prefix meaning 'three' TRI
Prepares macaroni, say BOILS
President of Mexico from 2012 to 2018 ENRIQUEPENANIETO
Prior to, in a poem ERE
Product promise GUARANTEE
Purple Brazilian berry ACAI
Racehorse's restraint REIN
Related to the mouth ORAL
Remind incessantly NAG
Responded like a brat SASSED
Rock in ___ (music festival in Brazil) RIO
Rome and more, e.g ANAGRAMS
Roof edge EAVE
Rotating tooth COG
Round dish in a bakery PIE
School shuttle, maybe VAN
Seats for viewing fireworks, often LAWNCHAIRS
See 116 Down URKEL
Sharply critical remarks BARBS
Shelter supporting vines ARBOR
Sign that one is spent YAWN
Sizable swarm HORDE
Small one in a litter RUNT
Snowboarding venue SKIAREA
Spot for a catch and tackle PIER
Submarine canyon site SEA
Tiki bar band LEI
Toni Morrison (in 1993) or Alice Munro (in 2013), e.g NOBELIST
Tricksy SLY
Tube on a firetruck HOSE
Ultimate degree NTH
Unit of hope RAY
Upper-left corner key ESC
Vehicle seen in a 'Fast & Furious' film STUNTCAR
Vowel-rich goodbye ADIEU
Walking sticks CANES
Was in charge LED
Washington Football Team coach Rivera RON
What the nations in the Chiang Mai Initiative are part of ASIA
Wiped out ATEIT
With 22 Across, clone machine inventor on 'Family Matters' STEVE
Word before 'bars' or 'drinks' ENERGY
___ Adams (Boston Beer Co. beer, informally) SAM
___ Lady of Peace (Catholic parish name) OUR
___ Zealand NEW