Family Time - Oct 3 2021

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Clues Answers
"I'm not walking there! It's too ___!" FAR
"I'm ___ roll!" (2 words) ONA
"___ be seeing you" (shipwrecked one's punny farewell) ISLE
About half of all answers on a certain type of test TRUE
Again from the beginning ANEW
Alley cat's prey RAT
An aardvark is one, dietarily ANTEATER
Appraiser, essentially ASSESSOR
Bag for a big-time shopper TOTE
Basic unit of heredity GENE
Blue shade CYAN
Boater's back side? AFT
Built MADE
Burning braid on a candle WICK
Business part of a pitchfork TINE
Certain type of hole-puncher AWL
Crazed way to run AMOK
Curved part of the foot ARCH
Disney classic with dancing hippos FANTASIA
Drink chiller ICE
Eat in the evening SUP
Fabric dyeing technique BATIK
Factor in making any purchase COST
False thing to worship IDOL
Good place to keep gardening tools SHED
Guided LED
Hardly any FEW
I am, you ___ ARE
If this was your pet insect, you might call it "Honey" BEE
If you sock it, it's concealed ANKLE
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
Inside of the car INTERIOR
Intentionally scratch up a surface DEFACE
Ivy League school in Connecticut YALE
Clues Answers
Like a fox with a twinkle in its eye SLY
Like a good winter coat LINED
Like a penny fresh from the mint NEW
Like a street you can't u-turn on (2 words) ONEWAY
Like hand-me-downs USED
Loft occupant, perhaps LESSEE
Long, full drink SWIG
Metal in a golf bag? IRON
Minor breakout for teens ACNE
Mister turkey's first name? TOM
Ocean motion TIDE
Phone sound TONE
Prejudice BIAS
Prey for 3-Down ANT
Put permanent marker on a granite countertop, say MAR
Radar-gun abbr MPH
Right away PRONTO
Shark feature that terrifies beachgoers FIN
Spoon-hitting-glass-goblet sound TING
Stake in a poker pot ANTE
Street name in practically every city MAIN
Stuff made in the 1600s that you can see today ART
Substitute for oil for your mitt SPIT
Tailless Old World primate APE
Take a ___ at it (try) STAB
That lady HER
The Christmas season NOEL
The ___ Ranger LONE
Tiny, in fairy tales WEE
Type of wood used in construction PINE
What a punter doesn't use TEE
What is clicked to open an app ICON
Why you no longer have a 4-Down as a pet STING
___ Arbor, Michigan ANN