Universal - Oct 1 2021

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Clues Answers
"As ___ on TV" SEEN
"Creed II" actor Lundgren DOLPH
"Do the ___!" ("Figure it out!") MATH
"Get Here" singer Adams OLETA
"Stat!" ASAP
"Thank U, Next" singer Grande ARIANA
****LGBTQ supporters ALLIES
****Occasion for a pillow fight PAJAMAPARTY
***Briskly, to Brahms ALLEGRO
***Foliage tour sight MAPLETREE
**Deliberately delay STALL
**Prepare to tackle something FORMAPLAN
*Manufacturer's nightmare (Theme hint: Notice a stack of words in each pair of starred clues' answers) RECALL
*Radiohead song with the lyric "This is what you'll get" KARMAPOLICE
Affirmative answer YES
All the world, to Shakespeare STAGE
Alphabetically first name, perhaps AARON
Alternative to pre-owned NEW
Assist after a fall HELPUP
Brings under control TAMES
Caesar's lang LAT
Canal to the Hudson River ERIE
Candied root vegetable YAM
Collectible cartoon frame CEL
Complicated story SAGA
Corn serving EAR
Cyndi Lauper's "___ Colors" TRUE
Diamonds, informally ICE
Early ___ (morning person) RISER
Emphasize STRESS
Fifth tire SPARE
Flowery wreaths LEIS
Gateway ___ (St. Louis structure) ARCH
Genetic equal CLONE
Height: Prefix ACRO
High in the sky UPTHERE
Hunks of marble SLABS
Intensify, with "up" AMP
Clues Answers
It may bear fruit STEM
Jewelry fasteners CLASPS
Jumper's cord BUNGEE
Junk email SPAM
Lead-in to "carte" ALA
Letter before beta ALPHA
Letters after "DVD" ROM
Li of "Mulan" JET
Marry secretly ELOPE
Mississippi River source hidden in "Fujita scale" ITASCA
More than my OUR
Muscle jerks SPASMS
No longer knotted UNDONE
No one hates to break it PAR
Not me or them YOU
NPR's Shapiro ARI
One of Cupid's can bring love ARROW
Orange juice option PULP
Part of a Freudian trio EGO
Pepsi or RC COLA
Perform ACT
Preemie's ward, for short NICU
Previously named NEE
Quaking tree ASPEN
Refuge in a snowball fight FORT
Response to "Are you ready?" IAM
Side in a baseball game TEAM
Sketchy numbers on fake IDs AGES
Small bills ONES
Solidify GEL
Soup purchases CANS
Tax pros CPAS
That, in Madrid ESO
Triangular Indian pastry SAMOSA
Volcanic powder ASH
Work units ERGS
___ browns HASH
___ pork (Chinese dish) MOOSHU