L.A. Times Daily - Sep 29 2021

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Clues Answers
"Buffalo Stance" singer Cherry NENEH
"Don't be silly!" PISH
"Get Out" actress Alexander ERIKA
"So pretty!" OOH
"That's rough" ALAS
*Systematic rumor spreading WHISPERCAMPAIGN
*Western capital SALEMOREGON
*Wite-Out alternative LIQUIDPAPER
A third of XXX, maybe? TAC
Blue prints, e.g.? SMUT
Brewpub initials IPA
Bucolic setting LEA
Carpenter __ ANT
Clothing store website category MENS
Colombian coin PESO
Come clean, with "up" OWN
Come clean, with "up" FESS
Commonly injured ligament for NFLers MCL
Condescend DEIGN
Dakota tribe SIOUX
Daytime TV mogul OPRAH
Do a fall chore RAKE
Dog in the comics ODIE
Drug whose effects are similar to psilocybin LSD
En pointe ONTOE
Fail to enunciate SLUR
Faltering step TRIP
Fork locale ROAD
Freudian focus EGO
Half-moon tide NEAP
Hikers' starting points ... or what the ends of the answers to starred clues can be? TRAILHEADS
Hyundai sedan no longer sold in the U.S AZERA
It may be pitched ROOF
It's known for lines, briefly DMV
July 4th letdown DUD
Knight adventure QUEST
Clues Answers
Like books on goodreads.com RATED
Love of money, to all evil? ROOT
Made fun of APED
Make oneself decent, so to speak DRESS
MSG flavor UMAMI
Munich-based automaker BMW
One in a Hollywood crowd EXTRA
Paul who founded a pet food company IAMS
PC file suffix EXE
Pigs' digs STY
Postgame griper SORELOSER
Provençal pal AMI
Raises REARS
Records, old-style TAPES
Riyadh native SAUDI
Rorschach image BLOT
Sedate, say DRUG
Singer Collins PHIL
Siri counterpart ALEXA
Skip over ELIDE
Steel guitar device EXPRESSIONPEDAL
Suit material SERGE
Taiwanese golfer Yani __, youngest to win five majors TSENG
Tear up SHRED
Telescope toter STARGAZER
They're rarely worth splitting HAIRS
They're taken on stands OATHS
TV's talking horse MRED
Utterly lost ATSEA
Very serious indeed DIRE
With everything in its place TIDY
Work on text, maybe EDIT
Yoko who voiced a self-named character in 2018's "Isle of Dogs" ONO
Young guy LAD
Zero-__ game SUM
__ buco OSSO
__-crab soup SHE