Wall Street Journal - Sep 29 2021 - One Way or Another

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Clues Answers
“Dewey Defeats Truman” paper, familiarly TRIB
“The Fifth Element” director Besson LUC
“WandaVision” star Elizabeth OLSEN
Avoid atrophy, in an exercise motto USEIT
Back to being a nuisance ATITAGAIN
Berry with an Oscar and an Emmy HALLE
Birthday greeting sent without a stamp ECARD
Boy, in Bolivia NINO
Brasserie buy MEAL
Came to light AROSE
Canada’s is the world’s longest SEACOAST
Coffee roaster’s offerings BLENDS
Cold case aid DNA
Commencement OUTSET
Courage under fire VALOR
Cries of accomplishment TADAS
Davis of “The Accidental Tourist” GEENA
Distance runner MILER
Early water bottle GOURD
Epps of “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” OMAR
Firth or fjord INLET
Focuses of some humanitarian aid FAMINES
From square one ANEW
Fully appease SATE
Give, for a time LEND
Goes bad ROTS
GPS suggestion, and a hint to each set of circled letters ALTERNATEROUTE
Henri’s head TETE
Holds title to OWNS
It can be spent in Spain EURO
It covers planes MATH
It’s said to be in favor AYE
Its motto is “Industry” UTAH
Kristoff’s reindeer in “Frozen” SVEN
Clues Answers
Lay groundwork of an idea PLANTTHESEED
Like PG movies, compared to PG-13 movies TAMER
Make amends ATONE
Malibu or Tahoe AUTO
Maryland’s state bird ORIOLE
Meet makeup RACES
Not available to the lowly masses ELITE
Offering at many colleges ROOMANDBOARD
One eschewing interpretation of the law LITERALIST
Overwhelmed INUNDATED
Past the expiration date OLD
Perfect happiness BLISS
Perfect place EDEN
Predator’s retreat LAIR
Refrain syllables TRALA
Roy Rogers part COLA
Saudi Arabia neighbor OMAN
Scrutiny-filled spots HOTSEATS
Site for une île MER
Site with posts FORUM
Sly tactic PLOY
Spongy area BOG
Subsequently THEN
Swivel TURN
Tech department worker, stereotypically NERD
The Cold War, e.g ERA
They hold firm in the shop VISES
Tolstoy’s Karenina ANNA
Tries to defeat a referendum VOTESNO
Wait time at the DMV, seemingly EON
Well-reasoned COGENT
Word with couture or cuisine HAUTE