- Sep 26 2021

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Clues Answers
''. . . Mockingbird'' byline LEE
''Am not!'' retort ARESO
''Color'' of sound TIMBRE
''For __ sake!'' PETES
''Haus'' wife FRAU
''No surprise to me'' YESIKNOW
''Now see here . . .'' LOOK
''On the Road'' narrator SAL
''Pale'' potation ALE
''Prepared'' org BSA
''Zip-a-Dee-Doo-__'' DAH
''__ Wiedersehen!'' AUF
A lot, in verse OFT
Ability to influence PULL
Acapulco accolades OLES
Aerobatic maneuver LOOP
All-in-one printer function FAX
Art of biceps TAT
Assailed SETAT
Avenue __ Champs-Élysées DES
Beethoven's 3rd EROICA
Big __ Country (Montana) SKY
Blood-vessel prefix ANGIO
Bounce (off) CAROM
Braying beast ASS
Bryn __ College MAWR
CBS forensic franchise CSI
Color akin to teal AQUA
Color close to beige ECRU
Count's counterpart EARL
Crater creator METEOR
Cryptographic writing CODE
Cupid equivalent EROS
December elevator music CAROL
Defeats soundly DRUBS
Diminutive WEE
Director Eastwood CLINT
Disincludes OMITS
Does a fall chore RAKES
Does hemming or basting SEWS
Doris Day/Clark Gable film TEACHERSPET
Durable Oriole great RIPKEN
Dustin Hoffman's breakthrough film THEGRADUATE
European range ALPS
Evergreen trees YEWS
Eye liner RETINA
Fencing blade FOIL
Festive nights EVES
Fictional account TALE
Fill the tank GASUP
Film composer Danny ELFMAN
Folding art ORIGAMI
Form of toothpaste GEL
Fortune-teller SEER
Genesis setting EDEN
George Segal/Glenda Jackson film ATOUCHOFCLASS
Gives a task to ASSIGNS
Global extreme POLE
Golden-coat horse PALOMINO
Gossip mag topic CELEB
Great relish ZEST
Have faith in TRUST
Hieroglyphics viper ASP
Highway, for short RTE
Hobby knife brand XACTO
Homogenous ALLALIKE
Invites on a date ASKSOUT
Jimmy of fashionable footwear CHOO
Jockey's rides MOUNTS
Justice Alito SAMUEL
Lake source of the Mississippi ITASCA
Clues Answers
Little hopper TOAD
Local, to campus folk TOWNIE
Make waterproof SEAL
Minor glitch SNAG
More domineering BOSSIER
Mother of Isaac SARAH
Mrs. Browning's maiden name BARRETT
Musical appreciation EAR
Nation near Fiji SAMOA
Nickname for Dolores LOLA
One-pot meal STEW
Operatic headliner DIVA
Opposite of -phobe PHILE
Options introducer WHETHER
Other than this ELSE
Paved pathway ROAD
Perched on ATOP
Picked up on the radio TUNEDTO
Poet __ St. Vincent Millay EDNA
Prefix for charge SUR
Pringles alternative FRITOS
Prominent period ERA
Proscribed acts TABOOS
Put safely away STOW
Quart fraction CUP
Raccoon cousin COATI
Ralph Fiennes Best Picture Oscar film THEHURTLOCKER
Ralph Fiennes Best Picture Oscar film THEENGLISHPATIENT
Rapturous review RAVE
Raw bar order OYSTERS
Recipe amts TSPS
Relaxing retreats SPAS
Render useless RUIN
Retro ''Cool!'' NEATO
Right-to-left language HEBREW
Shape without corners OVAL
Shapes with a chisel SCULPTS
Shed a tear WEEP
SHO sister channel TMC
Small research subject LABRAT
Soccer position GOALIE
Social slights SNUBS
Soft and yielding SQUISHY
Soften some EASEUP
Something funny HOOT
Sorority letter ZETA
Sound intensity measure BEL
Spain's Costa del __ SOL
Special ability SKILL
Sports org for Va. Tech ACC
Squandered BLEW
Submit paperwork to get FILEFOR
Tabby talk MEOW
Tel __ AVIV
Texas major leaguers ASTROS
Timetable abbr ARR
Title role for Jerry Lewis and Eddie Murphy THENUTTYPROFESSOR
Trans-Canada Hwy. measures KMS
Trip to the plate ATBAT
Type of Wall St. takeover LBO
University of __ Dame NOTRE
Unspoken but implied TACIT
US air monitor EPA
Venetian touristy transportation GONDOLAS
Viper, for one REPTILE
Visibly impatient ANTSY
Vote to accept ADOPT
Wee hour TWOAM
Woody thickets COPSES
Wound down ENDED
Zodiac beast BULL
__-deucy (dice roll of 3) ACEY