USA Today - Nov 2 2021

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Clues Answers
'Congrats!' MAZEL
'Definitely!' YES
'If you ask me,' for short IMO
'Life doesn't frighten me at all / ___ at all' NOT
'Love' in Spanish AMOR
'Otherwise . . .' ORELSE
'See you!' BYE
'Storm King Wavefield' artist Maya LIN
'Uno' in English ONE
'WandaVision' witch AGATHA
'___ Once in My Life' FOR
Aries animal RAM
Ballerina Evdokimova EVA
Big heads EGOS
Bit of dialogue LINE
Book of maps ATLAS
Bra part that might be removed WIRE
Broke into a smile LITUP
Canvas for tattoos SKIN
Carry around TOTE
Chocolaty coffees MOCHAS
Coffee JOE
Conscious of something AWARE
Cousin's mom AUNT
Crush it at an open mic SLAY
Ctrl Q command QUIT
Dedicated poem ODE
Deviates from a script ADLIBS
Emcee HOST
Exchange SWAP
Expert PRO
Fairy tale monster OGRE
Fluffy garden flower PEONY
Form of 'to be' ARE
Frivolously spiteful PETTY
Game played on a hill KINGOFTHECASTLE
Gently calm SOOTHE
Geometric figure that might be made of sand MANDALA
Get away from EVADE
Clues Answers
Greek letter that rhymes with the one before it THETA
Hi-___ image RES
Horse for a knight STEED
Improvise like Ella Fitzgerald SCAT
Ingredient that matzo lacks YEAST
Jar top LID
Kit ___ bar KAT
Lab section leaders TAS
Like some Sundays LAZY
Low-visibility forecast FOG
Make changes to EDIT
Mondelez cookies OREOS
Nickname for Ella Fitzgerald QUEENOFJAZZ
Officiates a game REFS
Opposite of a specialist JACKOFALLTRADES
Opposite of used NEW
Payment for services FEE
Pedicure option GEL
Pedicure target TOE
Pieces of pizza SLICES
Protest call CHANT
Restores to default conditions RESETS
Rice noodle soup PHO
Say no to REJECT
Something made at 11:11 WISH
Sparkling wine bubbles FIZZ
Study of morals ETHICS
Sum up RECAP
Synonym of 15-Across AVOID
Units of vocal range OCTAVES
Venusians, e.g. (Abbr.) ETS
Welcome into the family ADOPT
Word after 'close' or 'curtain' CALL
Word after 'X' or 'it' FACTOR
Words that can be 'proper' NOUNS
Zendaya's 'Euphoria' character RUE
___ butter (moisturizer ingredient) SHEA
___ n wild (beauty brand) WET
___ sum (large amount of money) HEFTY