USA Today - Oct 25 2021

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Clues Answers
'90s anime whose opening theme song is 'Tank!' COWBOYBEBOP
'Can you pick me up?' INEEDARIDE
'There, there' ITSOK
'___ in Wonderland' ALICE
Actress Long NIA
Ain't ISNT
Ancient Roman outfit TOGA
Animal in the rabbit family HARE
Another name for ono WAHOO
Baby ___ (wisps that can be styled) HAIRS
Burden ONUS
Catch a glimpse of SEE
Constricting snakes BOAS
Cookie whose bakers went on strike in 2021 OREO
Dec. 24 and Dec. 31, e.g EVES
Descriptor for a Shoppe OLDE
Did super well on ACED
Dolphin seen near the San Juan Islands ORCA
Dwelling ABODE
Egg cell OVUM
Extremely hard to change SETINSTONE
Fancy party GALA
First appearance DEBUT
Flower that hasn't bloomed BUD
Flower that sounds like a family member MUM
Futbol cheer OLE
Go from ___ to worse BAD
Grass sold in rolls SOD
Harsh criticism FLAK
Havana's country CUBA
Higher than ABOVE
Highlighter tones NEONS
Inventory of life goals BUCKETLIST
It connects the Atlantic with the Pacific PANAMACANAL
Keeps afloat BUOYS
Large-scale story EPIC
Layer of nail polish COAT
Like high prices STEEP
Little kid TOT
Clues Answers
Loving whispers PILLOWTALK
Metaphorical decision point CROSSROADS
Moccasin, for example SHOE
Movie star Kapoor ANIL
Muscat's country OMAN
Office surface DESK
One meaning of the A in LGBTQIA ARO
One-sixtieth of a min SEC
Opposite of give TAKE
Options at a Spanish restaurant TAPAS
Part of a monorail CAR
Place to order pastrami on rye DELI
Psychology, for example (Abbr.) SCI
Publicly support ENDORSE
Quite a ways away AFAR
Really relish SAVOR
Reverse UNDO
Ring for an angel HALO
Row on a monthly calendar WEEK
Secluded valley GLEN
Sign of the future OMEN
Snow-clearing vehicles PLOWS
Sofia Wylie's 'HSMTMTS' role GINA
Software makers, for short DEVS
Some frozen waffles EGGOS
Some music records LPS
Suffix for 'lemon' or 'Gator' ADE
Sweet, fizzy drink SODAPOP
To and ___ FRO
Trash container CAN
Unofficial ballots STRAWPOLLS
Use Cash App, e.g PAY
Used as a chair SATON
Weld together FUSE
When you're reading this TODAY
___ and hers towel set HERS
___ by (barely succeed) EKE
___ Lankan SRI
___ out (becomes level) EVENS