- Sep 23 2021

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Clues Answers
''Burden of Proof'' author TUROW
''Hamilton'' antagonist AARON
''Over the Rainbow'' audience TOTO
''Tell __ story'' MEA
''__ example . . .'' ASAN
''¬°Absolutamente!'' SISI
15 Across, for instance ISLE
35mm purchase SLR
Alaska purchase negotiator SEWARD
All-time strikeout king Ryan NOLAN
Alway's opposite NEER
Ancestor to us all ADAM
Big black-and-white beasts PANDAS
Builder's buy LOT
Claim in court ALLEGE
Claim in court MOTIVE
Clown suit accessory LOUDTIE
Coder's creations APPS
Cost of learning TUITION
CPO's superior ENS
Don't go away quickly EBB
Dover sch DSU
Email element DOT
ESPN sister network ABC
Flatware SILVER
Give rise to SPAWN
Going one's own way UNLED
Green power SOLAR
Have in common SHARE
Hustler's hangout POOLHALL
Hymn finales AMENS
Individualist LONER
Inky color ONYX
Jumper cable connection ANODE
Life Savers shape TORUS
Lilibet __ (Prince Harry's daughter) DIANA
Monopolizer HOG
Clues Answers
Not a 43 Across piece SOLO
Off-the-cuff SNAP
Official USPS abbreviation AVE
Olympic games EVENTS
Piscine appendages FINS
Pizzeria implement PEEL
Recognizes silently NODSTO
Red state, once USSR
Returns expert TAXPRO
Same old things RUTS
Santa alias PERENOEL
Saying something VERBAL
See 49 Down NATION
Should that happen IFSO
Show that you mean it SWEAR
Showed a preference for, in a way XED
Slick stuff OIL
Smallest group DUO
Snorkeling mecca MAUI
Sort of spy MOLE
Subject of the slogan PANAMACANAL
Tradespersons SMITHS
Truant, e.g NOSHOW
Twain's title lawyer PUDDNHEADWILSON
Ultimate purposes ENDS
Walnut's ice cream partner MAPLE
Wee amount ATOM
Wee amount IOTA
What might be called a ''pactronym'' NATO
What some software blocks ADS
Winter coat SNOW
With 47 Down, Fenway fans REDSOX
With 55 Across, transportation slogan of 100 years ago THELANDDIVIDED
Without favoritism EVENLY
__ cavae VENAE
__ top of the other ONEON