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Clues Answers
"A Christmas Carol" miser SCROOGE
"Chicago Med" airer NBC
"Concetta" pianist John TESH
"CSI: NY" actress Ward SELA
"GLOW" star Brie ALISON
"Got ya!" AHA
"Hello" singer ADELE
"Hey, I was thinking ..." OHSAY
"Holy —!" MOLY
"I Hate Valentine's Day" actress Vardalos NIA
"I love," to Luisa AMO
"I, Robot" writer Asimov ISAAC
"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" host ROBINLEACH
"Lust, Caution" director Lee ANG
"Moby-Dick" helmsman AHAB
"Morning Has Broken" singer CATSTEVENS
"The Situation Room" host WOLFBLITZER
"This — emergency!" ISAN
"XOXO" actress Skye IONE
"— Little Teapot" IMA
100-eyed mythical giant ARGUS
1958-82 Crimson Tide football coach BEARBRYANT
1983 Woody Allen movie ZELIG
2013-14 co-host of "The View" JENNYMCCARTHY
A "Baby Bell" phone co USWEST
Abbr. for three primary colors RGB
Actor Keach and singer Lattisaw STACYS
Ankle coverer SOCK
Apple option since 1998 IMAC
At that place THERE
Atom modeler Niels BOHR
Barber's tool COMB
Baseballer Minnie MINOSO
Batted without playing the field, for short DHED
Best athletes ATEAM
Bluff-busting poker words ICALL
Boat's load CARGO
Building floor STORY
Champion of 15 golf majors TIGERWOODS
Chin-wag GAB
Choice loin steaks TBONES
Choral voice ALTO
Clears, as profit NETS
Coffee from Hawaii KONA
Come about over time EVOLVE
Cooking appliance OVEN
Cooking appliance RANGE
Corp. kahuna CEO
Cotta or firma preceder TERRA
Cove, e.g INLET
Crude liquid OIL
Cry of Homer Simpson DOH
Defensive tackle whose #86 was retired by the Chiefs BUCKBUCHANAN
Diving venue POOL
Do over again REPEAT
Dubbed NAMED
Eggy holiday drink NOG
Emulate a supermodel POSE
Environs AREA
Even, in golf PAR
Exercise caution USECARE
Fido's foot PAW
Fire felony ARSON
Flavorings for absinthes ANISES
Fodder tower SILO
Foldable beds FUTONS
Fraternal patriotic org SAR
Funny stuff HUMOR
Ghastly GRIM
Golfer Aoki ISAO
Got along FARED
Clues Answers
Gray color ASH
Greeting on a May greeting card TOMOM
Hooplas ADOS
In the past AGO
Jesting sort COMIC
Jordanian's language ARABIC
Lao- — TSE
Like a day in June, in a Lowell poem SORARE
Liquefy anew REMELT
Longtime panelist on "To Tell the Truth" KITTYCARLISLE
Loosen up EASE
Made a typo, e.g ERRED
Map of Hawaii, often INSET
Middle East's — Strip GAZA
Migrating birds' regular route FLYWAY
Moo goo — pan GAI
More jittery TENSER
Nearly zero ONE
Neck warmer SCARF
Newsman Melber ARI
NFL Hall of Famer Carter CRIS
Nine-sided figure NONAGON
No-goodnik SOANDSO
Noted Dodge City sheriff BATMASTERSON
NYC subway inits IRT
Old overlord TSAR
Old truisms ADAGES
Opening in a schedule SLOT
Oscar-nominated actress for "Georgia" MAREWINNINGHAM
Other, in Oaxaca OTRA
Outstanding EMINENT
Parseghian of Notre Dame ARA
Partner of alas ALACK
Pat of "Wheel of Fortune" SAJAK
People ... or an alternate title for this puzzle THEHUMANANIMAL
Pickup's kin UTE
Political patronage, informally PORKBARREL
Prague native CZECH
Prevailed WON
Prioress, e.g NUN
Quaint hotel INN
Quick heartbeat sound PITAPAT
Real doozie LULU
Reggae singer Peter TOSH
SEAL's group NAVY
Sharp pang TWINGE
Singer Marilyn MCCOO
Snow queen in "Frozen" ELSA
Star-giving critic, e.g RATER
Supersmart supervillain EVILGENIUS
Tell, as a tale RELATE
Test in a fitting room TRYON
The "T" of LGBT, in brief TRANS
Throw a fit RANT
Tie again, as a necktie REKNOT
Tiptops ACMES
Tire-filling tool PUMP
Too trusting NAIVE
Ugly witch HAG
Very slightly AMITE
Virtuoso ACE
Was in a pew SAT
Watch via Hulu, e.g STREAM
Well-honed KEEN
With, to Fifi AVEC
Words on a flat rental sign TOLET
Yule tree FIR
— a beet REDAS
— chili (pepper type) ANCHO
— Tin Tin RIN