Wall Street Journal - Jul 9 2010 - July 9, 2010 - Come to an End

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Clues Answers
'Baloney!' HAH
'Evidence of Things Not Seen' composer ROREM
'Hold everything!' STOP
'Unbelievable' band EMF
1954 sci-fi film THEM
2003 Stanley Cup champs DEVILS
African herd ELANDS
Angry pitcher's choice? TOBEANORNOTTOBEAN
As good as it gets OPTIMAL
Bagel choice ONION
Band booster AMP
Beats, but barely EDGES
Big do AFRO
Big do EVENT
Blood-typing system ABO
Bluffer's giveaway TELL
Blunder ERR
Body shop soap LAVA
Bottom-line figure SUM
Bulb rating WATTAGE
Butterfly, e.g. MADAME
Capitol Hill worker AIDE
Cause of some shaking DEAL
Change, as boundaries REDRAW
Chicago paper, familiarly TRIB
Classical rebuke ETTU
Clay, today ALI
Cockle or mussel BIVALVE
Command for DDE ETO
Condescending type SNOOT
Confirm ENSURE
Containing few stories LOWRISE
Cornstalk feature TASSEL
Criticize in a petty way SNIPEAT
Dame's introduction? NOTRE
Dashing Flynn ERROL
DEA weight KILO
Do a librarian's chore SHELVE
Do a slow burn SEETHE
Dough component GLUTEN
Downwind ALEE
Ecstatic Peggy? HIGHNOONAN
Einstein, regarding relativity? GERMANOFANIDEA
End of an FDR saying ITSELF
Energy VIM
Entered GONEIN
Eventually ONEDAY
Everglades waders HERONS
Fizz flavor SLOE
Float gently WAFT
Former NFL linebacker Justin ENA
Fromage base LAIT
Get folks to give stuff up? WEANTHEPEOPLE
Grammy-winning parody of 1984 EATIT
Guest at a synagogue GENTILE
Had space for SEATED
Head, informally NOB
Helvetian heights ALPS
Hit country album of 1988 REBA
Hollywood occasion PREMIERE
Honeybunch DEARIE
Hoppy quaff ALE
Inspirational Helen KELLER
Instrument sometimes made of koa wood UKE
It may be blank STARE
It may be sharp CHEDDAR
It's used for tracking shots BARTAB
Jan. honoree's monogram MLK
Journalist Fallaci ORIANA
Kicks back LAZES
Clues Answers
League elite ALLSTARS
Like much baby food PUREED
Lingerie fabric TRICOT
Lingerie item BRA
Makeup of la mer EAU
Malicious age group? MEANGENERATION
Man anew RESTAFF
Many conductors METALS
Matisse, Rousseau or Toulouse-Lautrec HENRI
Matter of law RES
Medieval musician MINSTREL
Meeting place for the smart set? MENSANROOM
Ministers TENDS
Music's Brian ENO
Nebbishy MEEK
Neighbor of Arizona SONORA
NYSE overseer SEC
Old oath EGAD
On both banks of ASTRIDE
On the line ATRISK
One of Donald's exes IVANA
Pad users STENOS
Palindromic address MAAM
Part of a Clue accusation WEAPON
Part winner ACTOR
Patron of Alice's Restaurant ARLO
Popeye's ___'pea SWEE
Presidential candidate of the 1990s PEROT
Pronto, initially ASAP
Quarter AREA
Razor choice ATRA
Revolver, perhaps DOOR
Rudder setting REAR
Sale words ASIS
Series shortener ETC
Sharp rebuke SLAP
She played Amy's mother on 'Judging Amy' TYNE
Since, on New Year's Eve SYNE
Siren, for one ENTICER
Skeptical cry IBET
Soap, e.g. SERIAL
Society affair TEA
Some old computers ATARIS
Some stadiums DOMES
Some stay at home DADS
Spot in la mer ILE
Spread on the table OLEO
Spruce up NEATEN
Square root of neun DREI
Square root of nove TRE
Started diverging? BEGANTODIFFER
Stephen of 'V for Vendetta' REA
Structural support IBEAM
Switch ending EROO
Tailor's concern SIZE
Target Field team TWINS
Temple building DORM
Thinker Descartes RENE
Tips off ALERTS
Treaty partner ALLY
Trojan War adviser NESTOR
Uffizi setting FLORENCE
Wall Street figure TRADER
Washington, for one STATE
Web-footed mammals OTTERS
Work into a frenzy STIRUP