Canadiana - Sep 20 2021

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Clues Answers
About aviation AERO
African Capital ACCRA
Afrikaans TAAL
Alberta town OLDS
Appropriate FIT
Baker-Finch or Fleming IAN
Biblical have HAST
Blame, slangily RAP
Blitz BOMB
Blots out the sun OVERCASTS
Bullocks OXEN
Calendar month MAY
Castigate SLAM
Chop up HASH
Clan chief THANE
Daminozide ALAR
Dauphin to Winnipeg dir ESE
Environmental org EPA
Essence GIST
Ever, poetically EER
Evil BAD
Fencing sword EPEE
Frodo friend ENT
Gives off EMANATES
Haughty ALOOF
Improve a road PAVE
Josh RIB
Journalists REPORTERS
Mafia figure CAPO
Clues Answers
Meadow LEA
Moonfish OPAH
Organic combustible PEAT
Paddles OARS
Palm leaf paper OLA
Part 2 of our Easter greeting RISEN
Part 3 of our Easter greeting SHOUT
Part 4 of our Easter greeting HOSANNA
Part 5 of our Easter Greeting CELEBRATE
Part 6 of our Easter Greeting THIS
Part 7 of our Easter greeting DAYOFDAYS
Part one of our Easter greeting CHRISTIS
Peter and Paul (abbr.) STS
Planed SAWN
Playlet SKIT
Possesses HAS
Prefix denoting outer ECTO
Ritter for one TEX
RN e.g PRO
Roman 1101 MCI
Sea weeds KELP
Sever AXE
Specification, for short SPEC
Squad CREW
Sturdy shoe BROGUE
Succeeding NEXT
Suffix denoting practitioner IST
Talk show host LENO
Time and place preceder ANY
Univ. figure PROF
Water, to some EAU