L.A. Times Daily - Sep 20 2021

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Clues Answers
"Eli's Coming" songwriter Laura NYRO
"I had no __!" IDEA
"I see" words OHS
"Same drink as always" THEUSUAL
Actor Connery SEAN
Actress Anderson LONI
App purchaser USER
Apple tablet IPAD
Aviator Earhart AMELIA
Away from port ASEA
Bandage brand ACE
Belgian river YSER
Black-and-white, e.g TWOTONED
Body art, casually TATS
Comfy shoe pad INSOLE
Common soccer deadlock ONEONE
Crystal ball gazer SEER
Deadlock TIE
Describes in detail EXPOUNDS
Designer Christian DIOR
Dreads sporter RASTA
Everest and K2: Abbr MTNS
Excite, with "up" AMP
e__: online instructional guide HOW
Fathers' boys SONS
Fiddling emperor NERO
Former Mideast org UAR
Gets hot on Twitter TRENDS
Hang around LOITER
Imitative bird PARROT
In 2021, it begins September 22nd AUTUMN
In twos, like socks PAIRED
It follows 35-Down SPRING
It follows 66-Across WINTER
It precedes 66-Across SUMMER
Jumped LEAPT
Keats' "Ode on a Grecian __" URN
Kidney-related RENAL
Kitchen dweller of song DINAH
Lender's claim LIEN
Lengthy tales SAGAS
Less adulterated PURER
Clues Answers
Lose one's footing SLIP
Make like new, as old furniture RESTORE
Many pop-ups ADS
MHz measure FREQ
Milk grain OAT
Movie with R2-D2 STARWARS
Musical based on an opera AIDA
New Haven alum ELI
Nosh EAT
Not for kids, moviewise RATEDR
Opposite of WSW ENE
Out of practice RUSTY
Parisian season ETE
Pioneering game consoles ATARIS
Place to de-stress SPA
Reaction to a strange object WHATSTHAT
Ring-shaped reef ATOLL
Semi-annual occurrence that begins 28- and 35-Down SOLSTICE
Semiannual occurrence that begins 18- and 66-Across EQUINOX
Serious criminal FELON
Sharp-witted ASTUTE
Shoot well under par, in golf lingo GOLOW
Shopper's memory aid LIST
Showed again RERAN
Simon __: kids' game SAYS
Skating surface ICE
Small amount DAB
Smoothie berry dubbed a superfood ACAI
Squirrel's haul ACORNS
Stick-in-the-__ MUD
Summoned, as the fiddlers three CALLEDFOR
Tater __: deep-fried potato morsel TOT
Thrice, in Rx's TER
Turkey neighbor IRAN
Wagers BETS
Web address letters URL
Widely known FAMED
Wife of Osiris ISIS
With milk, as café AULAIT
Word with role or identity GENDER