Wall Street Journal - Sep 20 2021 - H P Love-Craft

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Clues Answers
“Sorry, let me wash up” IMAMESS
“The Green Knight” star Dev PATEL
“The Jungle Book” boy MOWGLI
“Viva ___ Vegas” LAS
“___ Pinafore” HMS
Barely earn, with “out” EKE
Bay Area NFL player NINER
Blueprint addition ELL
Casino calculation ODDS
Chapeau HAT
Cool guy of the 1950s HEPCAT
Didn’t just suspect KNEW
Digital matter with embedded links HYPERTEXT
Directors Spike and Ang LEES
DJ’s stack CDS
Dune buggy milieu OFFROAD
Eight, in España OCHO
Emmy-winning 1977 miniseries ROOTS
English town for which some salts are named EPSOM
Expression of empathy ICARE
Eye on the sly OGLE
Fast flier JET
Feast on EAT
Fling TOSS
Foundry product STEEL
Freak out PANIC
French fries, to a Brit CHIPS
Gambler’s marker IOU
Gibbons and gorillas APES
Greet from across the room WAVETO
Guitarist/singer Joe of the Eagles WALSH
Hilarious people RIOTS
Historical stretches ERAS
Hot rod rod AXLE
Imprudent speed HASTE
Jouster’s jabber LANCE
Kind of preview or attack SNEAK
Like “20 Questions” questions YESNO
Clues Answers
Mahogany or teak WOOD
Mahogany or teak TREE
Make do COPE
Malfunction, like a printer JAMUP
Melville’s fanatical whaler AHAB
Muscle woe ACHE
Old gold coin DUCAT
Oscar-winning 2006 animated film set in a penguin colony HAPPYFEET
Our genus HOMO
Outpouring SPATE
Pens for hens COOPS
Pet pest FLEA
Plumbing components PIPES
Pop singer Grande ARIANA
Portend BODE
Puerto ___ RICO
Right now, initially ASAP
Roll call response HERE
Second part of a quarterback’s hike count HUPTWO
Shine brightly GLEAM
Slow-cooked meal STEW
Smoothie berry ACAI
Some distance runners MILERS
Sound of disapproval TSK
Stadium for chariot races HIPPODROME
Store event SALE
Tablet debut of 2010 APPLEIPAD
Tell the whole truth COMECLEAN
There’s one at the end of this club TYPO
They tell which way the wind blows VANES
Tricky pool shot CAROM
Use a stopwatch TIME
Where some love from AFAR
Wintry frost HOAR
Words of resignation OHWELL
Workout unit REP
Yoga pose ASANA
Young horse FOAL
___-mâché PAPIER