- Sep 20 2021

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Clues Answers
''And others'' abbreviation ETAL
''Gone With the Wind'' residence TARA
''Hey you!'' whisper PSST
''Look, I did it!'' TADA
''Sidewalk'' eateries CAFES
''That's too bad'' ALAS
''__ press your luck!'' DONT
Adam's garden home EDEN
Adjective suffix for ''hazard'' OUS
Around the middle of the day NOONISH
Baby chick's sound PEEP
Band's sound booster, for short AMP
Billboard postings ADS
Brief sleep NAP
Bring joy to ELATE
Building's location SITE
CBS police franchise CSI
Chimps and gorillas APES
Closely monitored hospital ward: Abbr ICU
Condo dwelling UNIT
Containers for music discs CDCASES
Cop's patrol vehicle POLICECAR
Creative thought IDEA
Curved part of the foot ARCH
December 24th or 31st EVE
Extremely large IMMENSE
Faucet leak DRIP
Female equivalents of British knights DAMES
Finds a sum ADDS
Folder with new email messages INBOX
Gemstone weight measure CARAT
Gen __ (boomer's kid) XER
Had a meal ATE
Have an appetite for CRAVE
Hurricane's center EYE
IRS expert: Abbr CPA
Item of value ASSET
Kit __ (candy bar brand) KAT
List-shortening abbreviation ETC
Local sandwich shop DELI
Clues Answers
Long-running quarrels FEUDS
Lowest poker card DEUCE
Make a mistake MESSUP
Marathons and sprints RACES
Metered car TAXI
Motel's swimming spot POOL
Odor detectors NOSES
Online auctioneer EBAY
Open with a letter opener SLIT
Pago Pago's Pacific place SAMOA
Pie __ mode ALA
Playground ride for two SEESAW
Postures for a golfer STANCES
Presidential rejection VETO
Quick drawings SKETCHES
Rabbits' relatives HARES
Receive GET
Red vehicle headed to a blaze FIRETRUCK
Regulations known to a 65 Down TAXLAWS
Related (to) AKIN
Repeated shout in a stadium CHANT
Scrapbook adhesive PASTE
Second attempts, informally DOOVERS
Secret message CODE
Smartphone download APP
Solo of ''Star Wars'' HAN
Spiny desert plants CACTI
Sports team followers FANS
Street openings for underground work MANHOLES
Suspect's story of innocence ALIBI
The __ Man (''Wizard of Oz'' metallic character) TIN
Topple over UPEND
Trying to lose weight ONADIET
Twice __ (double the size) ASBIG
Used a chair SAT
Vehicle headed to a hospital AMBULANCE
What a glacier is made of ICE
Yellow vehicle with young students SCHOOLBUS
__ out (gives sparingly) DOLES