Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 20 2021

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Clues Answers
''The tumult and the shouting dies / The ... and the Kings depart'' (Kipling) CAPTAINS
Accent, stress EMPHASIS
Acceptance as satisfactory APPROVAL
Ale, lager BEER
Arranged gatherings MEETINGS
At greater volume LOUDER
Body of water cut off from a larger body by a reef LAGOON
Dear, been in this strange Scottish city? ABERDEEN
Disperse or throw around SCATTER
Enthusiastically EAGERLY
Gave a task to ASSIGNED
Green or purplish-black juicy clusters GRAPES
Insubstantial, not of this world ETHEREAL
It's measured in joules or ergs ENERGY
Killer whale ORCA
Late repast SUPPER
Clues Answers
Line determining the limits of an area BOUNDARY
Lookouts or pathfinders SCOUTS
Maj pays poorly to wear them at night PYJAMAS
Medieval forerunner of chemistry ALCHEMY
Motor vehicles CARS
Organ of smell NOSE
Piece of music for piano SONATA
Raised strips either side of a ploughed furrow RIDGES
Sign of a cold, perhaps SNEEZE
Sounds produced by humans VOICES
The price of one UNITCOST
The snack might result in bad chin wads SANDWICH
Trembling trees ASPENS
Una leans towards this Swiss city LAUSANNE
Uses inefficiently WASTES
Wholly engrossed ABSORBED