The Washington Post - Sep 19 2021

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Clues Answers
'... __ he drove out of sight': Moore ERE
'Aladdin' prince ALI
'Beat it!' SCAT
'Boo'd Up' singer __ Mai ELLA
'Family Matters' nerd URKEL
'Good grief!' EGAD
'Hooray, the weekend!' TGIF
'In the Bedroom' Oscar nominee SPACEK
'Life of Pi' director ANGLEE
'Only Time' songwriter ENYA
'__ your pardon' IBEG
*Address essential details GETDOWNTOARBTACKS
*Hotel convenience PARKINGARAG
*Keep one's identity secret, say STAYUNDERVOC
*Prepare emotionally for, as something unpleasant ETSONESELFAGAINST
*Wannabe lawyer's milestone PASSINGTHEAB
1960s chess champ Mikhail TAL
35mm camera type SLR
Acronym on a protective vest SWAT
Alexandria's area NILEDELTA
Antiglare wear EYESHADES
Apple varieties IMACS
Archaeological find TOMB
Arles article LES
Asian sultanate BRUNEI
Astronomer's tool TELESCOPE
Attack ONSET
Back AGO
Back talk SASS
Battery terminals ANODES
Beat it FLEE
Best at putting things away? OUTEAT
Biblical scribe EZRA
Big first for babies STEP
Big galoot OAF
Big name in chips LAYS
Big name in kitchenware EKCO
Blue hue CYAN
Board game bonus FREESPIN
Bonanza find ORE
Breakaway group SECT
Brian of rock ENO
Byron's title LORD
Call out CRY
Carry away ELATE
Carry on RANT
Caspian feeder URAL
Cat's attention-getter, maybe PAW
Chick magnet? HEN
Choir supports RISERS
Composer Shostakovich DMITRI
Consort of Psyche EROS
Cosecant's reciprocal SINE
Denver-to-Omaha dir ENE
Distressed cry EEK
Dolly, for one EWE
Dorm figs RAS
Doyle's narrator WATSON
EPA-banned chemicals PCBS
Evening affairs SOIREES
Exhibits unease, maybe STAMMERS
Eyepiece OCULAR
Fall place EDEN
Fancy neckwear BOA
Fiddle stick BOW
Galileo's birthplace PISA
Game stick with a net CROSSE
George who plays Stokes on 'CSI' EADS
Go on LAST
Clues Answers
Goes out with SEES
Grande dame of pop ARIANA
Gusto ZEST
Harbormaster's chart TIDETABLE
High-tech workers BOTS
Hotel offerings SUITES
Important coastal drainage river in South Carolina SANTEE
Is no longer WAS
Jamie of 'Bosch' HECTOR
Kid's retort AMSO
Leaves in a cup TEA
Like many rich foods FATTY
List of appts SKED
List-ending abbr ETAL
Mani mate PEDI
Manicurist's assortment NAILFILES
Mashed, as oranges PULPED
Mayo is in it ANO
Miami Sound Machine and others, and a hint to this puzzle's circled letters BACKUPBANDS
Middle ear bone STAPES
Minneapolis' Target Center, e.g ARENA
Most clever SLICKEST
Mother of note NATURE
Nantucket arrivals FERRIES
Novelist Rita __ Brown MAE
NYC congresswoman, in headlines AOC
Occupied INUSE
Old food label nos RDAS
On deck, perhaps ASEA
One in a pod PEA
One of eight Eng. kings EDW
One often seen in curls SURFER
Ornamental shrub SPIREA
Overhaul REVAMP
Paid informer FINK
Part of a sea urchin's diet KELP
Pitcher John on three different MLB championship teams LACKEY
Place for an anchor NEWSCAST
Prepared for cooking, as corn HUSKED
Really cool EPIC
Rest of the afternoon SIESTA
Reverence AWE
RN workplaces ERS
Roger of 'Cheers' REES
Roofing support RAFTER
Saint-Saëns's '__ Macabre' DANSE
School room encouraging creativity ARTLAB
Sea at one end of the Dardanelles AEGEAN
Singer Kristofferson KRIS
Sit-up targets ABS
Some mil. bases FTS
Spain's peninsula IBERIA
Stand BEAR
Stand-up types CLASSACTS
Stingy sort PIKER
Sulu portrayer John CHO
Swallow INGEST
Swing site PORCH
Taylor of fashion ANN
Texter's button SEND
Thickets COPSES
Three-time WNBA MVP __ Leslie LISA
TV pioneer RCA
Visored French cap KEPI
Wellsian race ELOI
What '/' may mean PER
Words from behind a door, maybe INHERE
World's largest peninsula ARABIA
Yours, to Yvette ATOI
__ de mer MAL