Family Time - Sep 19 2021

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Clues Answers
"Oh, I get it. Clever!" AHA
"___ matter of fact ..." (2 words) ASA
A billion years EON
Alternative to a sandwich WRAP
Beginnings? No, the opposite ENDS
Bestows kudos EXTOLS
Big-time deliverer UPS
Black and yellow creature BEE
Car buyer's sought-after data MPG
Catch ___ (start to get) ONTO
Certain limb with a curve BOWLEG
Charm with flowers, movies and candy, say WOO
Clarinet and 44-Down, for two REEDS
Dancer's first move, often STEP
Deteriorate ROT
Deuce beaters TREYS
Enjoy being born LIVE
Fancy pitcher EWER
Fishing ___ ROD
Frost HOAR
Gardener's weed de-rooter HOE
Get a nice, full belly EAT
Get from point A to point B MOVE
Guys MEN
Hairstyles DOS
Huge piece of marble SLAB
In the distance AFAR
Ireland, to a poet EIRE
Isn't decisive at all WAVERS
It might say 26-Down EWE
It takes a long time to cross one SEA
It's bottom can be heated in a hurry POT
Landing predictions ETAS
Clues Answers
Legendary city of gold (with "El") DORADO
Measure for a mixing bowl, briefly TSP
Mowing target LAWN
Oven dial word BAKE
Part of BFF BEST
Passing passage OBIT
Person starring on TV CELEB
Places like Jesus' birthplace MANGERS
Prayer beads, for some ROSARY
Prefix meaning "recent" or "new" NEO
Put in a crypt ENTOMB
Rainbow shape ARC
Remove, as a bracelet UNCLASP
Rushed along, old-style HIED
Seventeenth letter of the Greek alphabet RHO
Ship's distress call SOS
Shoe carved from a single block of wood SABOT
Sign of warming THAWING
Sound from Roadrunner BEEP
Sound heard by Bo-Peep BAA
Squeezed (out), as a living EKED
Stops machinery from squeaking OILS
T. ___ (dinosaur) REX
Thing on a jacket in the store TAG
Tricksters' victories GOTCHAS
Used a sofa SAT
Used as a conference room (2 words) METAT
Wee army member ANT
What you need to make good decisions INFO
Wind quintet instrument OBOE
Wrath IRE
___ Wednesday ASH